2nd epi

Hi im on tact2 arm 4 due to have 2nd epi on friday do the side effects get worse or should i expect about the same this time round


Everyone’s different aren’t they? I had my 4th Epi nearly two weeks ago and the side effects were different each time for me. I have found that the tiredness and chemo fog was cumulative with each but otherwise no worse, just different.

Have you seen the Tact 2 trial thread that started recently? They are mostly just starting/started Epi. Me, I start Xeloda this Friday so am waiting to see what delights that holds.

Take care & let us know how you get on Friday. Just think, after Friday you’ll be halfway thro’ Epi.


Hi Weezer,
I was much better on epi 2 seemed like my body knew what to expect but very tearful. I either got bad side effects or emotional. Epi can make some of us rather maudlin/teary so if it takes you that way, remember it is the drugs talking. I think epi is accumulative after 2. You can tell, if you find the side effects are hanging around longer. I went into 4 not having recovered completely from 3 and ran into bother. Quite a personal thing but epi attacked my mouth, tubes right down to the nether regions. Hope you fare better
Lily x