2nd fna

to cut a long story short i had my 2nd fna on friday and have an appointment for ultrasound today.originally found the lump 18 months ago and was told nothing to worry about even though fna came back c1.i recently begged my gp to refer me again as i wanted the lump removed.when i saw the consultant on friday he said he would write to me with my results after i had the ultrasound.what information can they get from an ultrasound they can’t get from the fna and why would they send my results through the post.surely it would save time if they rang me.how long would i expect to wait for my results.

Hi Kwood

Im waiting on results of a nipple smear which should have come last week. Maybe the fna was inconclusive, I have had that happen to me. They can see quite a lot on the ultrasound. I am surprised that you didnt get a appointment to go back for results. What did the radiologist say, did he/she mention anything? Im not surprised you are worried. I would give it a few days and ring the breast care nurses maybe they can help you.

Yvonne xx

had my ultrasound yesterday but the radiologist didn’t give me any signs as to what the lump was.not feeling too good today,had a dream lastnite i was in hospital having chemo,sounds silly but it’s shuck me up a bit.concerned about having my results through the post.will they put it in a letter if it’s bad news.consultant asked me if i’d got anyone at home with me.how long should i wait until i hear anything.the waiting is driving me mad


I would think that if there is any more investigation they would just write to you with another appointment. Those dreams have a lot to answer for dont they? I have some strange ones let me tell you!!

Please dont think you are being silly about any of this, it is natural to feel like you do, I think it is human nature to think the worst, kinda preparing us ‘just in case’. I hope you get your results soon

Let us know what happens

Yvonne xx

hi ladies,finally got my reults.rang cons secretary who told me my lump is a fibroadenoma.booked in for lumpectomy on 24th april,day before my birthday.not sure what to expect,never had an operation before.will they send the lump away to be 100% sure it’s benign?will i have to book any time off work?