2nd lot of calcifications

I have just had my 2nd mammogram and calcification’s have ben found in my right breast.

last year had WLE to remove DCIS from my left breast, clear margins,no further treatment.

My problem is that last year I had my mammogram, a magnified xray and also ultra sound. My doctor said it looked like DCIS so did a biopsy in the clinic the same day.

This year I had the mammogram and the said because they are deep I need a surgical biopsy which is booked for the 28th.

I am worried that they can see a problem from the mammogram as the didn’t investigate what type of calcification’s were present.

has anyone had the same problem.

Sammax xx

Hi Sammax

I had the same as you last year, I dont know if it was DCIS or not but the consultant said that all of the calcification was removed within a fibrodaenoma. When I asked the radiographer what grade the calcs were she said 4 which is one off of definately cancer so Im guessing they were abnormal. No further treatment though.

Maybe this is the same kind of thing. Mine were very deep and I had a really bad time with the core biopsies (6 of them) and they still had to go in and remove them.

Im on here most days. I am going to the breast clinic for nipple discharge on Thursday so I will keep in touch and see how you get on.

Good luck with it.

Yvonne xx


After a mammogram last year, I had a biopsy to investigate calcifications in my right breast, which lead to a dx of LCIS. Then I had a lumpectomy to remove the LCIS, which turned out to be invasive, a further lumpectomy, but without clear margins, and so a mastectomy in July. Two weeks ago, I paid for a mammogram on my left breast, as I’d read that with ILC there’s more chance of a recurrence in the other breast. The radiographer found calcifications, but is waiting to receive the mammogram I had on the NHS the year before to compare them before letting me have his opinion. I’m terrified that I’m going to have to go through everything again.

Yvonne, I’ve not heard of calcifications being graded. Where did you find out about this, as I’d like to read more?



Hi MoiraM

I have heard of grades for DCIS. I had low grade, I think you can find out about this if you look in a breast cancer research web page. I have looked on that many sometimes I can’t remember where I’ve looked. I am going to have look now I will let you know.

S xxx


It mentions grades on the cancerbackup.org.uk. But I know I have read it in more detail somewhere.

S xx

Hi Moira

Cant remember where I heard about it first but when I asked the radiographer she said that they actually grade them 1-5, 1 being benign and 5 being cancerous. Mine were abnormal on the scan so she graded them 4.

I hope you get good news about your mammogram. i didnt have to have a mastectomy but lost about 1/4 of my left boob. You are doing the right thing though being on the safe side.

I have another mammogram tomorrow due to discharge so I am a bit apprehensive too. So good luck let us know how you get on

Yvonne xx