2nd masectomy and double diep/tram recon in a week

Any tips gratefully recieved Im so scared about it, I think if i didnt have to go for 2nd masectomy for preventative measures i might have not progressed. This seems best route as have lymphodema in arm. I am really aprehensive as hospital is almost 3 hours and I live on own, will stay with parents for a while…

I had an expander fitted to last August and it’s pumped up over expanded. but even that had me in hospital for 5 days as the drains kept going. I know its really bad so just trying to think longer term and what i will get out of it. Currently a double ff size so looking forward to small new boobs.

Worried how I will manage moving around with the stomach pulled so tight and both arms having drains in with getting both done at the same time.

Thanks for any advice x