2nd op more painful

1st op was 8th August lumpectomy and lymph node removal and cancer in 4 of 5 removed but feel like I sailed through the op with very little pain had 2nd op on 7 th September for axillary node clearance and the pain is more severe and bloody hell I ache x meds are helping and only reason I am posting is to get it off my chest as it is 3 am I am wide awake (though I have had 6 hours straight undisturbed sleep ) and feeling a little sorry for myself x

Agreed…but it does get better. It took me about 9 days before I even started the basic exercises… you need to do them, as it gradually helps. I now have a good 95% movement without pain but still experience some pain when pushing it. Still sore at the end of the scar and under arm/shoulder area due to baggy tissue left so that it can be used to help to shape my book when I go for reconstruction. Hope this helps. (Had lumpectomy in April followed by mastectomy in June) Keep your chin up and stay positive-it really does help. X

Thank you mahj for your reply I managed to go back to sleep 4.30 to 7.30 took meds this morning and done some shoulder rolls and shrugs which have freed it up a little bit can’t do much more st the moment it’s frustrating as right side and I am right handed but onwards and upwards and not feeling so sorry for myself now it’s a reasonable hour xx plus even managed to wash my hair and that had made me feel better ?X

Oh gosh, Sue.  Sorry to hear that.  And being awake in the early hours is really crap.  Dose up on the painkillers, and stay high until it’s better.  I only had 2 nodes removed, and I know how sore THAT is.



Cathy I am feeling much better now ?

Having 2 ops so close together sucks, just when you’re getting over one, wham you’re body takes another battering. Glad you’re feeling a bit better, be kind to yourself.

Off to see bc nurses this morning for wound check appointment at 9.30 x thank goodness I can take ibuprofen alongside cocodamol x

Hi Sue
I found my ANC more painful than my mastectomy. I’m nearly 4 weeks post ANC now and am feeling a million times better and have lots more strength in arm. I still cannot fully extend my arm above my head but it’s definitely improving every day. Keep up with the exercises as it does help.
Big hugs xxx

Thank you for your reassurance x I couldn’t have drain out Monday got to go back again at 9.30 this morning xx

Drain removed but warned to look out for build up as was still draining a lot of fluid so fit everything crossed xx

Fingers crossed SueW keep a very close eye on it.

Those bloody drains! They’re the worst bit. Hope your ok. X

Feel better now drains gone still in pain but at least I can move about untethered lol but it’s only a week since surgery so onwards and upwards x

Such a relief when you can move around freely. Hope it’s settling SueW. A week is still very early days especially on top of your mastectomy.

Keep going with the exercises, should be easier now without drains. I had mastectomy with full node clearance and reconstruction all in one go as was driving myself to yoga after 3 weeks, so mobility exercises are definitely the key.

I am a little concerned tonight that the area is filling with fluid but will check it again in the morning and if in doubt will call bc nurses in the morning to get it checked as I was warned this could happen and that it might need to be syringed as my drain bottle was still filling By 100 ml every 24 hours x

Oh SueW, I hope it settles soon. 100ml seems a lot for them to take the drain out. My surgeon wanted it below 30 - it came out at 34!

Make sure you get seen tomorrow if you are still concerned as you don’t want to leave it over the weekend because they’ll tell you to go to A&E!


The nurse took it out because it had been in nearly a week and wasn’t slowing down do said it would no longer be beneficial yonleave it in they have said if it’s over the weekend to call the women’s ward as they should be able to do it there x

That’s good that you can call the ward at the weekend.

I had problems last weekend, called my ward (as instructed) and they told me to go to A&E or phone 111, they couldn’t do anything as it was the weekend.

I had been very impressed with the staff to patient ratio whilst I was in hospital, there seemed to be enough staff for there to be a constant huddle talking about their children and social lives!


My fears appear to be unfounded and don’t appear to have fluid build up I am sure if I did I would know about it.
Exercise and meds mean each day gets s little easier ?X

Great news SueW