2nd opinion request on their diagnosis?

I would appreciate comments from anyone who asked for a second opinion re. their diagnosis. I am seeing my GP about this on Friday.
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Hi Jenanne

In addiition to the replies you will soon have here please feel free to call our helpline to talk this through on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care


Hi Jenanne,
I didn’t ask for second opinion but kind of regret it… I have been misdiagnosed to start with. I had a lession in my spine that was given as trauma. After i finished with chemo/ op/ rads and had my 1st all clear apoinntment ( a year after my initial diagnosis) my back apin came back and exploring it with my GP found out it was met and then I had many more in differnt bones… It was a shock and despair… I was annoyed with my team as they knew I had some back pain and also never thought to investigate the spine finding more… Oh well it is all history ow. I am still here and still fighting

Valia, I am not surprised you felt angry with your team because the bone mets weren’t picked up. Thankyou for your post - I know I’ve felt anger over the way my case has gone, and it’s partly because as a patient you have to put your trust in your team to make the right decisions. If you felt they made a ‘wrong call’ it’s awful, because you lose your faith in them.
I know bone mets can be difficult sometimes to diagnose - but if there are uncertainties with your own particular d/g, it’s hard to deal with at times.
All the best, Jen xx

Hi Jen,

If I were you I would certainly go for a second opinion. You know yourself this is the best thing to do - and you don’t want any regrets further down the line. It’s obviously on your mind and causing distress or you wouldn’t have posted this thread. Go for it girl!

I have bursitis, (with mild early arthritis of the hip), or at least that’s what I have been told. This has been going on for a few years, long before my BC dx. I have pains in my pelvic groin area spreading down my leg, which sometimes makes it difficult to walk for more than 20 minutes. It can be diagnosed quite easily by X-ray and I was told by the physios that with the right exercises it would disappear on its own within 12 months. It hasn’t!

Linda xxx