2nd referral

Morning ladies
Well i finally plucked up the courage to go back to my gp i had an appointment at 7am this morning with a different lady gp who was really good, she examined me and said the area around my right nipple is definetly raised more than the left, she couldn’t feel any lumps which i said i couldn’t aswell,she is referring me back to the clinic but this time it will be a normal one but she said they are seeing patient’s fairly quickly, i explained that it feels like something is gnawing away inside that breast and in my armpit i keep getting stabbing pains, in away i feel silly going back but i know it doesn’t feel right and i need a 2nd opinion.
I will let you know when my appt is, thankyou for all your kind words and support Kim

well done, you have done the right thing, its so much better to think, phew, i double checked and there was nothing to worry about, than be left wishing you had listened to your gut feelings. good luck and again, well done, its not easy confronting your fears and acting on them


Thankyou Tors i do feel better now knowing ive done the right thing no one understands how we feel unless you’ve gone through it yourself ,so it’s back to waiting again but i don’t mind how long at least they are seeing me again and this time i want an ultrasound i will have whatever test they do.xx

Good for you! It’s easy to feel a neurotic twit as I did, but it pays off to be persistent.

Thanks steph that is how i feel lol

Hospital just phoned and my appointment is tues 17th aug 1.15,that’s really good because i’m on hols from 15th aug for 2 wks and ive really not had to wait long cos i only saw my GP last friday and this was non urgent, i consider myself very lucky with my nhs services compared to some ladies.