3/4 Done!!!!

Just a note to everyone that it is actually do-able this chemo!
I had my second Taxotare today - which means that I have 2 more to go!!!
Six more weeks…and i can kick the old chemo to the curb…YES!!!

OK, OK, I realize there is then surgery and rads but hey…the most awful and insidious part will be done.

So hats off to you all…

I see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel.


Do you mind if I keep my hat on as I look hidious with no hair LOL


Hi Emily,

Really pleased its going so well!! , Im right behind you each step of the way!!

I have my first Taxotare on Monday so feeling a bit apprehensive!

Have you been told what surgery you will be having? Because of the position of my lump ( right next door to my nipple) I think it will be mastectomy, but hey I really don`t care, just want to get on with it!!

Played golf yesterday in an invitation yesterday and it absolutely poured down!! Everyone looked like drowned rats when they came in, wish you could have seen their faces when I emerged with my beautiful wig!!

We all had such a laugh!!

Good luck with the rest of your treatment, just four weeks and I will be where you are!!

Take care,
Lots of love,

Hey Em,
Well done lady, you keep that fighting spirit us, cause I’m damn sure I want to be like that come Wed.

Loads of love

hi Emily

Glad the taxotere is going so well. how have you been?

My first tax was delayed due to low neutrophil count. then delayed again because i had a sore throat the day before. I have enjoyed having a break, to be honest, but now want to get first tax over and done with, as worried about it. i think it has been nice to have a break halfway to build myself up. I can taste my food again! I’m blessed in that i don’t need to rush back to work, but appreciate others have no choice and just need to get it all done as quickly as possible.

best wishes to everyone,
Ann x

Hi Emily,
congratulations and I hope the home straight is smooth with a strong wind behind you. I bet this habit is easier to kick than most!
Lily x

Hi emily

Feel the same as you

started Jan 14th and it’s been going on for ages - now i only have 2 left (8 in total) I am soooo excited - know just how you feel!

love FB xx

Yes, I am 3/4 done too ! It is getting exciting. Nearly at the day when chemo finishes and then no more. I have rads to do next on sept3rd.
Good luck FB and Emily with your remaining chemos.

Rach xx

Thanks everyone. I am just so happy to be nearing the end.
I think we should have a party, FB and Rach, once we have the last one…WOW!!!
I truly hope the each go uickly and without incident…hugs

Jan - far as I know with all the tests, it will be a mastectomy after the chemos
unless it shrinks so much its a miracle lumpectomy, but I doubt it
so, I am resigned…life will go on…which is the point I think

so, here’s to us…we are actualy doing this!


I do hope its shrunk so its the lumpectomy. You’v e already been through so much

thanks B I appreciate those good thoughts

we have ALL been through so much, I think