3 days since I am diagnosed invasive grade 2, I am terrified...

I am like you newly diagnosed and I am terrified too. We wouldn’t be human if we weren’t. I was diagnosed on the 15th Aug and have surgery on the 8th. The last two weeks have been a nightmare in that I had to have bone scan, MRI, CT etc. On Friday they were confirmed as ‘clear’ and that all I had was what they knew about - CA left breast with nodes - I think the terminology is correct but I am new to this. Reading some of the other posts on this web site has helped me. Others have been where we are and got through so it can be done although I think for all of us it must be one of the toughest things we have to deal with in life. Diane

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Kind regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi, I have been reading all the messages on this board since I have been diagnosed and I have only had a chance to speak to my dr once the day he told me it is invasive grade 2 and it is 4cm and too big to operate and suggestion is chemo first and opeartion after when the size of tumor is smaller I will have an operation. Please some advice what is going to happen next , I know I have another appointment on monday and more tests to be done like bone scan, liver u/s , c x r , c.t scan. these are all so new to me I have never had anything serious before except giving birth to my two beautiful children now 16 and 14
I am 39 years old and found a lump on my 2nd day having holiday by the beach in sunny Turkey. Spend the rest of my holiday worrying and finding hospitals and getting mammogram and ultrasound done( although worried like mad but still tried to complete my 2 weeks holiday). I was told stop my holiday and go and get this sorted asap.

Please tell me how fast does this horrible thing spread to your body, since I have the confirmation of invasive grade 2 bc I have pain on my chest on my breast , I can not wait until I see the dr and ask hundreds of questions but than I think of which questions am I going to ask the dr I have no idea… I am so confused and terrified.

You all seem so nice , I feel I will make some new wonderful friends on this site. Now I join you all guys I am feeling I am not the only one and I will have to get this through with your support and knowledge. Thank you


Do you know when you start your chemo?the tests you are having will pick up any possible spread and if there is any then your chemo will be tailored to control that as well as reduce the size of your tumour.Grade 2 isnt the most aggressive and I am sure your doctors wont keep you waiting too long before treatment starts.Chemo is gruelling but 'doable’and there is no reason why you should not be around for very many years.Take heart Tania,there are so many of us all supporting one another and we will be here for you too.Love Vx

Hi Tania,

I always found it best to write my worries and questions down as I thought of them. Then fine tuned the ever growing list by putting them in the order of importance to me on the morning of my visit to the oncologist.

My tumour was also invasive grade 2 and spread to 1 lymph node but I had the chemo after surgery. Lots of ladies have it beforehand. You will meet lots of lovely supportive ladies on here and there always seems to be someone around even in the middle of the night.

I hope your treatment starts soon, take care.

Love Judy x

hi tania
i had chemo before surgery as tumour was 10.5 cms. after chemo i had a mastecomy then 6 weeks of rads and am now on herception for a year and tamoxifen. my tumour went down to half the size it was so i did benefit from chemo first. i wish u well with your treatment plan.

hi Tania

I’m sure this is a terrifying time for you but I’m sure you’ll get great treatment. I had 2 grade 3 tumours. The grade is sometimes taken as an indication of how fast growing a tumour is but that’s very simplistic. Both of mine were very fast growing which at first made me very scared but the surgeon pointed out that this can also mean that they’ve not had time to spread which in my case seemed to be true despite having 2 tumours at the same time in different breasts so it doesn’t mean anything with regards to spread etc really.

I had surgery, which was a bilateral mastectomy, which wasn’t painful. I’m near the end of chemo which hasn’t been as bad as I thought (the anti sickness drugs are very good now).

It sounds like you’ve reacted quickly and this should serve you well.

I also had pain on my chest, ribs in my case which was caused by pressure from the tumour, the pain stopped after the tumour was removed so don’t read too much into that yet either.

May I suggest you take a good friend or partner with you to help you remember the answers and think of questions. It really helps as it’s overwhelming to start with and you’re bound to be in shock at the moment.

It’s amazing how many of us have to deal with breast cancer, and it’s even more amazing how well we all do. There’s dark times but there’s bright days too. Hope you get some rest and answers.


Hi Tania and Diana

I am sorry you have had to join us, but you will find a wealth of information and help and reassurance from this site. I am like you, I am new at all this, I was dx on 5 Aug, my cancer is grade II, 15 mm hormone +tive and I have had three biopsies (as I also have calcifications in both breasts) and ultrasound and an mri. I have had loads of questions answerd by the girls on here, and also my bcn. I also felt pains in my breast andf chest and still do, I was told it was anxiety and fear, and it does go away (I have got it now though as my op is Tuesday) I have convinced myself I have it in the other breast too as I have so many different pains, but I am trying to be positive, and I believe in fighting and whatever it takes I will do, to get through this. Many women on here are fighting it and they will help you all the way. Ask as many questions as you like, they will all be answered.
Once the biopsies are done, its a waiting game, that’s all we seem to do, wait - then you get your results, then you wait for the wound to heal then you wait for rads, chemo etc., if that is your treatment, but help here will convince you that you can do this. I am 51 and want to be around for a lot longer yet, after my op I have to wait again until 11th when I get the next news which will be the most important, are there any other nodes involved and are theire clear margins. I am praying they both come back clear, but if they don’t then I will be told what the next steps are to beat this disease that is temporarily in my body.
Hope this helps. Keep us posted after your appt tomorrow.
Best of luck

Hi Netty - it is horrible isn’t it - the waiting is nearly as bad as having the horrible thing. I don’t know the level of detail that you do. I have biopsies on the 13th August and was told I had Ca Left Breast, spread to axilla area (I had a lump there) and ?? something on right breast. Since then I have had MRI, bone scan, CT scans galore which thank goodness have shown nothing else. How do you know the grade, size and if it is hormone positive? I am having a WLE and axillary clearance on the 8th Sept. Told on Friday that I may have to have a mastectomy because there is just a slight suggestion that the spread is near the nipple and if that is the case mastectomy is better. I see the surgeon again on the 24th Sept and the oncololgist on the 10th October. I have been told because I have the dreaded thing in the axillary area I will definately need chemo - which I am dreading!
I am 49 with three children. My eldest is in the states working in New York and rightly or wrongly I haven’t told her. I don’t want to worry her when she is so far away. I told my other two yesterday - my son (16) is very upset my other daughter (9) doesn’t seem to understand which in some ways is nice. I find this site very reassuring - it shows me that people do get through it although I am still terrified and dread every stage of it! Please keep in touch - Diane

Hello Diane,

So sorry to hear you are having to deal with this. As you say the waiting and the fear is amost as bad as the disease. Like all the girls have said you will be okay, it is all very doable. I have had WLE and SNB and will get my results tomorrow. Chemo and rads are on the cards for me, but I will find out tomorrow whether I have to have more surgery or not. I have only been able to deal with this by taking it in bite size chunks. Not looking too far ahead, just one step at a time. You should be very reassured that all the scans you have had are clear. I am 47 with 3 children, 16,10,14 so I know how difficult it is.

Will be thinking of you on the 8th, at least that will be the first hurdle out of the way, then cross it off the list.

Tracey xxxx

I have posted this on behalf of new user Tania

Kind regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Angie, thank you for your reply and the reassurance , you made it sound not too bad , I think I will be ok if you think that having op for the both breast did not hurt and chemo isn’t as bad as I have been reading about, great!.. I am ready for all that :slight_smile:

I will find out more tomorrow about my treatment and I guess I will feel much better once I am having treatment and stop it to grow and spread in to my body. ( I feel as each day goes by waiting it is going all over my body and spreading :slight_smile: because I have only discovered it few days ago, it must have been there some time which I had no idea for how long?

I will take your advice and take a friend with me.

Thank you and good luck with your chemo glad it is almost over for you.


I have posted this on behalf of new user Tania

Kind regards Sam (BCC Facilitator)

Hi Diane, thanks for your reply and I wish you all the best on the 8th, I hope everything will go well for you. I will also be praying and thinking of you on the day. I am happy for you, your scans confirmed all clear, great!..Thats good you will get rid of it asap, I can’t wait for my op and be over with it.

Best wishes for you and a big hug


Hi Tania

Like you after diagnosis I was told that I needed all the tests to find out if there is any spread and that I would need chemo before surgery. I also had no idea what I needed to ask on my appointments but I put a notebook on the table at home and everytime something however trivial came up I noted it down. Then I took the book with me. My onc was brilliant I told her I had made a list and she pateintly went through it with me. The waiting for the results was awful. My imagination was in overdrive even to the point of - will they abandon me and say there is no hope. That would never happen but imagination is a strong tool.

I was told that I had no spread and my 1st chemo followed very quickly. That in itself was another unknow which caused me all sorts of further imaginary problems. On the day they were brilliant.They explained everything and reassured me that everyone reacts differently. They sent me home with drugs to cope with most things and telephone numbers to check up on any they hadn’t covered.

That was last week and I can only say that the reaction has not been too bad. Some sickness but manageable, tiredness but not too bad,
night sweats but the girls on this forum have been amazing with usefull suggestions and constipation which hurrah has resolved itself this morning.

Believe that you will cope and you will.

Hugs and kisses



Hi Diane & Tania

They determine the category of the tumour at the biopsy stage, I had the aspiration done when I was told it was cancer then I had a further biopsy done on the lump to determine its grade. After that followed the two further biopsies on the calcifications which came back clear thank goodness then the mri which didn’t show any other lumps. The size and category of the tumour is almost certainly determine at the biopsy stage. You may hear more today whether or not they are going to biopsy you.

Tania, I too was like you and I was so frightened that I was diagnosed on 5th Aug and my op isn’t util tomorow, I thought it would grow so large but I was reassured that it will not and everything will be out and we’ll have a better understanding of margins and nodes after the op when I get my results on 11th - more waiting. Then rads, then chemo… I will do anything to beat the beast and so will you both. With this site as our support, we’ll all support each other through all of this. I am not dreading the chemo, I just want it over and done with so I can get back to some ‘normailty’ you’ll soon get your head round it and be positive - trust me, it took me a while :slight_smile:
Much love, good luck for today
Good luck for your results tomorrow Tracey, I’ll be thinking of you as I drift off with the fairies for my op :slight_smile:
Netty xxxxxxxxx

I was told they could not know the size till after op as biopsy just takes a tiny bit.They can tell the grade though[mine was 2].

The results after the operation are much more accurate than those at biopsy.

Good luck for today Tracey and Netty


After the biopsy I was told mine was grade 2, but then after surgery they said grade 3.

Good luck girls


Hi there

I hadn’t realised I’d get another grade after the op. The sp just said grade 2 and 15mm and ostrogen +tive, from the biop, I am praying tomorrow goes ok and then the results on 11th. I will update you all if different grade and the outcome. Fingers crossed for me for tomorrow boo hooo xxxxx Thanks Dotchas x

You’ll be fine Curley… I expect like the rest of us were you’re dreading it more than you’ve dreaded anything (or close at least) and would like to just run and hide in a corner (not a suggestion by the way;).

I felt a huge sense of relief after the op and recovered pretty quickly actually. Hope you do too. Is the sun out near you, if so may I suggest going for a nice little walk in park or by the sea, something to distract you for an hour or 2 and help you relax?

Anyway best of luck, let us know how you get on. Get a V shaped pilllow for afterwards if you can, really helps be comfy for the first week if you have drains in (which aren’t painful but they do get in the way of everything, had to stop my collie dog thinking they might be part of a tug game yikes :wink:

Hi all
Never done anything like this before, never needed to I suppose. Like Tania I have also been diagnosed as stage 2, invasive, (although consultant didn’t like the word and preferred to call it something else, but can’t remember what!) and was offered Chemo 1st to shrink tumour (currently 3.5cm) which would take approx 18 weeks, followed by surgery (3-6 weeks later) and then radiotherapy. Depending on other results would determine whether hormone drugs prescribed etc. etc.

Diagnosed on 28 Aug and now waiting for the appointment letter from hospital. There is a 2 week waiting list to start FEC chemo and am dreading it but want to get it started.

Family and friends are being fantastic so far. Find it very hard to tell people without becoming very emotional. Work full-time but feel unable to go in. Boss has been great - told me to stay at home and spend time with the family before chemo. Luckily can have 6 months on full pay, then 6 on half pay if needed. One of the main worries out of the way for now.

4 days since diagnosis and feeling surprisingly okay today, I expect this will change though.

Have read through a few discussions which have been really informative. This one really caught my eye as similar. Wishing all the best to you all. x x

Hi Vertangie

I still seem to be coping ok. No tears yet and no nerves kicking in. It is sunny today so I am going to go for a walk right now. OH is taking me to the hosp for 12 midday so I will let all of you know how the op went tomorrow. Thanks for the advice about the pillow, I have been told no drains just strapped up tight to avoid too much bruising.

Its gonna be a long wait again till 11th but I guess I have come this far. As for hiding in a corner - yes, I did think of running away but thought no, I have to face this one full on and give it 100% so that is what I am doing !

Thanks for all your support. Good luck to Sunny1 too - let us know when your op is.

Love Netty xxx