3 Week Timings - Does it matter?

Hi Everyone, looking for some advice please.

My 2nd chemo was due today, it has been postponed due to low neuts and aneamia. I had similar problems last year when first diagnosed and going through treatment (Mast, 4 FEC & 4 Tax, 20 rads, finished in Dec 07) and the cancer made a local reccurance in Oct this year. None of my FEC was done on time, the Tax was due to the nuelasta injections, but there was tremendous pain from those treatments.

My question is, does it really matter if you don’t hit the 3 weekly internals, as this setback is also going to mess up the following one which now falls on Xmas day. With the cancers return I am paranoid that it’s going to lessen the value of having the chemo, should I be asking for neulasta again, is there anything else I can do to hit the timings.

I am sorry to moan, seem to be doing it all the time right now, I am really fed up, and of course very scared

Thanks for listening guys


Bumping up in case anyone else has an opinion on this. Although if there isn’t one, maybe it’s not so important after all and just another string to my bow of paranoia :slight_smile:


Hi Nikki

I have had neulasta through all my chemos and fortunately without side effects generally. Even with it I have occasionally had chemo delayed which I always find upsetting…its messes with plans for short breaks, good days to see friends etc…another thing to make me feel out of control. I sympathise.

As to whether it makes any difference to the effectiveness of chemo…well a week here and there won’t make any difference…broadly either the chemo will work for a while or longer or it won’t.

best wishes with your treatment. Cancer stinks.



I know everyone is different in their cancers & responses to treatment etc but this was my scenario.

I was on 4 x EC then 4 x taxol/gemcitabine last year before mastectomy, anc & 15 rads. About 10 days after the 1st chemo, I ended up in hospital with v low neutrophils & ondrips for 3 days. Aware that this would delay my next chemo, I was somewhat worried but the oncologist who came to see me (not my usual one) said there was no problem delaying it by a week or two in my case. In the end, neutrophils came back really quickly & 2nd dose was only delayed 3 days - big relief !! After that I had the neulasta injection each time & no further problems. Really lucky that I never had any pain with any of it.

Good luck,


Jane and Liz, thanks so much for repling. That little devil on my shoulder is telling me that it’s my ‘fault’ the cancer came back as I did actually delay treatment start of my Tax due to a prebooked holiday, and the pre-ceeding FEC’s never hit timings. I know it’s stupid to blame oneself, but hey, my brain seems to have a lot of excuses for the ‘why’ of having got cancer, more so now it’s been back for a visit.

Your replies have reassured me somewhat however, thank you both for that. I will however be asking for the jabs I think, just to be sure. Off for a CAT today to try and find out what is pressing against my throat… fingers crossed for a simply solution!

Best wishes to you both


Good luck with the scan…and banish those guilty thoughts…you know cancer is not your fault.



I can understand why you feel it’s your fault but it’s not & you know that really ! It did go through my mind with the delay I had that if the chemo didn’t work it would be my fault for my body not being up to it but the oncologists etc were all great & reassuring.

My mum, both aunties (mum’s sisters) & their cousin have all had breast cancer so I think I’ve always felt I would get it & I feel sorry for mum as although she’s never said anything I’m sure she must have a feeling of guilt that she’s passed it on somehow.

Deffo get the neulasta - I didn’t have to request it luckily. Good luck for the scan - hopefully it will just be a simple little hitch.


Hi Jane, I know I know, it’s all kinds of messy stuff runs through our heads though isn’t it. Logical me gets quite upset with the illogical version!! It is what it is, and thinking of ‘fault’ isn’t going to make it one iota better really. I will go give myself a strong talking too!! :slight_smile:

Take care Jane

Hi Liz, I am sorry to hear your family as well as you have had so much of this around you, it must be very scary to see them go through it and I can understand how you feel it’s going to come into your own life, so sorry it did, but it’s not too choosy this disease is it, strikes so many of us in so many ages, walks of life and backgrounds.

Have talked with my BC nurse, we are going to do the chemo next week then check the bloods for the following couple of weeks, if it dips down the same sort of timing then we will look at Nuelasta for my 3rd treatment. They are really good at the clinic and I feel lucky to have such a supportive team.

Next hurdle for me is results of this scan, hope to get them sooner rather than later and also hoping so hard it’s not what I keep thinking it could be.

Look after yourself