3 weeks post diep recon- is this normal?

HHi had my diep recon 3 weeks ago. I was referred to the dressing clinic a week later and told the new plaster dressings along the wounds would start and come off on their own after a week or so. They are still really in tact - is that ok?
i also have had an infection in my tummy button which is being treated with antibiotics but seems really slow to heal!
and to top it off I have that ‘sloshy’ tummy which the ps said is a seroma. Am I just being impatient or should I be concerned about any of this???
Advice or reassurance would be great please!

Hi Claire46

I am sure your fellow forum users will be along soon to support you, but if you need to talk to someone then please do give the helpline a call, 0808 800 6000 lines open again tomorrow morning at 9am

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator

Hi Claire46
i had DIEP last May, what you are experiencing is a mirror of what happened after mine.
i had to have Seroma drained on a couple of occasions, it doesn’t hurt at all, so don’t worry. I also had infection in tummy button, which cleared up after a few batches of antibiotics.
the dressings will come ff when they are ready, I cut around mine daily after my shower, however the longer they are on, the more protection they give.
take care

Hi Claire46, how are you getting on now? I had my DIEP the day you posted, April 17th, so I am now 3 weeks out. Have you had your seroma sorted?

My new boob is great but I have a tummy bulge on the left side (they used the right side for the flap) and feel like I’ve swapped one deformity for another, which is ver upsetting. It doesn’t ‘slosh’, I’ve been told it’s swelling and will go down, but it only came up 3 days after the op when I fainted in the night, and I’m frightened I’ve got a hernia now. It’s anotehr 3 weeks until I see my surgeon.

Anybody else out there had a lopsided tummy after diep that has sorted itself out?


Thought I’d give you a quick update. I’m going to hospital again today for the 3rd lot of fluid to be drained.it is a bit uncomfortable bit I do feel loads better after!
At some stage the seroma will disperse itself apparently.
tummy infection is now healed too.
thank you Anne for the reassurance.