3 weeks post op and no oncologist appt

Dear all,

i am still waiting for my oncologist appointment and getting more scared by the minute- I just want to get on with it. I have known since September that chemo was on the cards and the waiting is so awful. I feel like screaming in frustration.
i contacted the breast care nurse today who checked on the system and said no appt has been made yet. She gave me the oncologists secretary number but she is not back until Tuesday. I don’t want chemo as it is and I certainty don’t wont my first dose on Xmas eve!!! When all the consultants etc are off enjoying themselves leaving me with horrific side effects and juniors to look after me.

I am so very angry and sorry for myself I don’t know what to do.
Rose 123

Hi Rose,

I would definitely kick up a fuss as there are guidelines for when treatment should begin and you may have gone over the limit. I was diagnosed near the end of September last year and had surgery 10 days later and started chemo exactly a month after that on 3rd November. In Scotland, don’t know about the rest of the country, there is a 62 day target from urgent referral to first cancer treatment - which could be surgery for you - and a 31 day target from decision to treat to treatment. I do know they like to start chemo about a month or so after surgery.

My BCN made the onc appointment for me and phoned about it - I didn’t even know his name when I turned up.

Good luck and take care, Liz.

Hang in there Rose

No one wants chemo, but just keep thinking of the bigger picture, the chemo is good at its job in getting rid of all the cancer so you can relax and get on with you life when its all over. I know it sounds like forever but once you start it, its just something that you have to do and it amazing how its over before you know it. The side effects aren’t as bad as you you think, they’ll give you plenty of anti-sickness drugs and your GP is first port of call if you are bad so just forget about all those consultants. Its the nurses who really run the show and they are fab and very supportive.

Its the waiting and the not knowing that is the worst bit once you get started you’ll be fine. Keep phoning and nagging them for an appointment. Make sure you go with a list of questions to make the best of the appointment when you get it. I think I had to wait 6 weeks after surgery before I started chemo (might be wrong, its all a bit of a blur).

Take care. V x PS You are entitled to be angry and feel sorry for yourself.

Hi Rose123
I thought that I would reassure you with my experience. I found my lump on March 11th 2011 and had my mastectomy 5 weeks later on April 18th. My 1st appointment with my oncologist wasn’t until June 6th and I started my chemo on June 13th. The reason for the delay was due to the fact that my results weren’t conclusive enough for me to begin chemo with the correct treatment for me. Every week though my BCN would phone me to let me know that I was being discussed by the MDT at their meetings, and a CT scan was booked and carried out before my chemo commenced anyway. As soon as the results were indicative of my treatment plan it was all systems go.
My oncologist was brilliant and wrote down everything that she told me for me to take away with me and it was so useful as I was able to refer to it. Please take somebody with you to your 1st appointment and ask them to write things down for you if your oncologist doesn’t.
Nobody wants to have chemo really, but the fear of it is, in my experience, worse that the actual treatment. Tell your oncologist what your fears are and do try and look round the chemo unit before your 1st session. Chemo is ‘doable’ and take each session as it comes and tick them off one at a time, and before you know it you will be finished.
Please feel free to message me if you want to stay in touch once you know what your treatment plan is. Try and contact your BCN on Monday and see if there is a reason for your lack of appointment. I am sure that there is a very good reason for this, even if it is that they just want to be 100% that the treatment is the right one for you.
In the meantime, try not to worry - remember that you have had your op and the cancer has been removed. The cnemo and any other treatment that you are recommended is your insurance policy to try to ensure that you don’t have a recurrence.
Good luck and take care
Mazzalou xxx

I dont know if this is helpful, but I had a MX in Oct 09 and have (thankfully) never seen an oncologist. I was managed by my BC surgeon and didnt need any futher treatment apart from Tamoxifen. I have to say I was quite shocked by this news as I had , wrongly, thought that chemo was given to everyone with a cancer DX. So maybe no news is good news.
I understand the horrible gut wrenching that goes on in your head when you dont know whats happening, but try to relax and remember. you can only worry about the things in your control.Hope your news is positive
Love Cathie xx

Hi…I just want to say…3 weeks isn’t too bad…I know that’s easy for me to say but really here’s what happened to me last year…found lump last week of Aug…went to GP first week of Sep…referred to Breast Clinic ssecond week Sep…results third week…went back to Breast Clinic to see Surgeon fourth week…op in13 Oct…went for results end of Oct…all going smoothly…then went for first Chemo…got sent home without it due to massive seroma in wound site…drained 3 times in the next 3 weeks…then…fell off the bus and broke my left wrist!!!..had to have hickman inserted on 15th Dec… went back to see onc…FINALLY…put off…with her permission…chemo until Jan 5th…had chemo Jan to May and am now on tamoxifen…so hope this helps you…massive hug as well…

Hi, Applestreet, that certainly was an eventful few months!, hope you are ok now. It certainly does help to hear what happens with others, and I know I am not alone but sometimes this process seems so lonely…

slightly more rational this evening, still missing my husband desperately he only died in May this year so I am feeling raw for all sorts of reasons. I feel like I am living a nightmare which will never end.


No wonder you feel so alone and isolated Rose as I guess that you are really missing your husband’s love and support even more than ever at the moment.
Whilst we can not take his place we can offer you plenty of love and support throughout your waiting and treatment.
Take care
Mazzalou xxx

Hi Rose, would just like to add my experience of this dratted disease, 3 weeks does not seem too bad in the scheme of things. I was dx March 19, had mx 13 April and full node clearance May 17, my first appointment with oncoligist was then in July and chemo was started August 9. I have just had my LAST one 30 Nov. YIPPEE!!! and looking forward, especially to having a lovely christmas dinner AND ENJOYING IT…
I have been dreaming meals throughtout chemo, reading recipes, watching food programmes, OH said I was becoming a food junkie, but t did find it difficult to eat during this time.
I must be honest and say it has not been an easy time for me at all BUT I have got through it and I believe that it can only get better for me now. I was borderline for radiotherapy and have been offered to go on the Supremo trial so am now waiting to see if I will have rads after all.
Contact you BC nurse to push for your appointment, I have found that my BC nurse the most helpful of anyone in getting things moving, or for any advice. Although the oncolgy team doing the actual treatment have been brilliant.
My thoughts and virtual hugs go out to you,
xx Pam

Hi all,
found out my oncologist appointment will be on 19th December 2012. Quite relieved to get it so as I can meet the man who is planning to poison me. I have hundreds of questions that need answering before I give consent for this awful treatment to begin.

Good luck for Wednesday and make sure that you write your questions down beforehand and take them with you as it is so easy to forget them at the time, only to remember once you are on your way home.
Remember that I found the prospect of the chemo far worse that the actual treatment itself, and do ask to see the unit and even get to speak to anybody else in there that might be having the same treatment that is lined up for you. Please don’t forget that, if you do, we are all an individual and will experience the same treatment very differently to the next person.
Lastly, the 19th is the day that my daughter expects her 1st baby so I am hoping that it will be a ‘Red Letter Day’!
Best wishes
Mazzalou x
ps enjoy your christmas dinner Pam - you have certainly earned it!