3 years on and still having nail problems

I’m new hear and am hoping someone may have an answer. I finished chemo 3 years ago. This severely affected my nails on my hands and feet, lifting them off the nail beds. Everything was growing back, or so I thought. Last December I noticed my big toe nail was lifting off again. Went to the doctor who tested me for a fungal infection which came back clear. I cut the nail back as far as I could and the doc said it will grow back in 3 months. Well its now August and it’s only at half length, is very thick and mis-shaped. I mentioned it at my last check up a couple of weeks ago and he’d never seen it before.
Has anyone else experienced this and did it go back to normal or is it permanent?
Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

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Hi…I would like to know about this as well as my nails are rubbish now…both my big toe nails won’t grow properly and I have to keep my finger nails short as they are soft and flaky now…I’m 16 months post chemo…also I’m grateful I’m only moaning about my nails now!!!

Hi, are you still taking any medication? My nails never actually lifted off but break if you look at them the wrong way. I thinks its improved a bit but not much. I finished Herceptin in July and am still taking letrazole.  I cant find anything particular re letrazole causing this but the taxanes (taxol, taxotere) are certainly implicated. I’m not sure how long its effects last. sorry, thats not very helpful…


I am now five years down the line and have a similar problem. Also my finger nails seem to be suffering but don t actually fall off.

But hey, what you have to remember is that you have fought this awful disease and are winning!

Does it matter if you lose a nail now and again? YOU ARE ALIVE.!Make the most of the future.


I had chemo Dec 2010 - May 2011.  The nail problem was a big surprise to me, nails  turning black, peeling off and worse of all, painful abcesses in the nail beds needing strong antibiotics.  My nails are not quite back to normal but are growing back slowly.  I find using a clear “Hard as Nails” nail varnish helps a little.



I rubbed bio oil into the nail bed of my fingers and toes and although I lost most of my finger nails they did eventually grow back. At first they had horizontal lines across them (one for each chemo) and they did snap off as each line reached the top. But now, 20 months after finishing chemo, my nails are back to how they used to be.