3 years on......just popping back

Hi Ladies,

Just popping back on to see how everyone is doing, been for my 3 year mammogram 2 weeks ago and my results were all fine last week…still NED which is a lovely feeling. Just wanted to pop back and let everyone know…I remember seeing ladies popping on that were a few years on when I had just been diagnosed and it filled me with hope and reassurance. There’s no getting away from the roller coaster that is breast cancer but things do return to a bit of normality…I still am in touch with lots of lovey breast cancer survivors all who met on here and keep in touch via Facebook etc…I’m still being supported. I want to wish all the ladies on here all the best for recent/future surgeries and treatment…this is a truly fantastic site and I would never have got through all that I did without this site and BCC…

Lots of love
Fee xxxxx

I remember you posting a lot and being very supportive…
Glad you’re feeling ok and enjoying life again.
Your photo seems to be of a wedding, is it yours?
When did this happy event happen?

Lovely to hear good reports from previous posters. It is very reassuring to read.

Congratulations - lovely to hear your good news. I just made 2 years and celebrated!
cheers Moorcow