3 years on...

Hi All

I just wanted to post this as I am 3 years post diagnosis. I am doing well, although I am waiting on a Breast MRI due to genetics but other than that I am fighting fit. I still take tamoxifen and I am fine on it, other than the odd hot flush and weight gain, I am fine and dandy. I just want to say hello and give some hope to others who have recently been diagnosed and don’t know what is ahead of them.

Love and best wishes to you all

claire x

Thank you so much Claire.
Makes the bad days better when you know others have been there and come out the otherside and been able to get on with life.

thanks claire.good to hear a positive outcome for a change it is quite encouraging.Good luck for the future. joyce

Thank you for posting Claire it really is good to hear, i am in that strange bit at the moment post treatment but not getting any checks (mammogram, ultrasound, mri) until oct ( 1 year anniversary) still feel a bit poo most days but determind to fight this bugger. Weight gain has really got me down lately but intent to try and tackle that

rhian xx