3 Years on.......

I have had my 3 year review and still remain NED ! I was dx at the end of 2009 2.5cm idc er+ pr+ her2+ I had 6 x Ec rads and a year of herceptin. Phew that was exhausting just typing all of that ! I used the cold cap kept most of my hair and emerged battered and bruised at the end of treatment. I don’t post on the forums now but still look in now and again when I need some inspiration usually around check up times. I know when I was first dx I looked for ladies who were ahead of me to remind myself that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Life has returned to a new normal and I will be eternally grateful to the medical staff who look after me. I hope this helps someone starting out on this horrible journey.x

Great news Lala

I’ve just passed the two-year mark and NED is still my best friend too.


Thank you, all of you. Wonderful to hear positive things, especially for me at the beginning of my journey.

I am still NED nearly 6 1/2 years on. Feeling fit and have managed to lose a stone since last July as well.

Lovely posts, I have my first mamogram since dx on 19th Feb so Im at the nervy stage , lovely to read the above posts good news ladies xx

Fantastic news lala. Well done you! I have the same type as you and I am coming up to my 2 year cancerversary on 7th March. Fingers crossed. Got my 2nd mammogram since diagnosis on 25th February, so feeling a little twitchy at the moment, waiting for that!
its always fabulous to read/hear about someone doing well. But especially when they have the same type as yourself.
Heres to many more years of NED
Mandy xxx

Great news. Congratulations. I have the same type too and hope to be celebrating 6 years NED in April.

I am so glad my post helped and wow cherub and Anne I got some inspiration too thanks you.