3 years out and getting the...im feeling anxious thing again after mammogram number 3.

Good morning all,


Well, i do occasionally have a nosey on here and as some of you may know i was diagnosed in April 2012, everything is fine, in fact i feel great.

Anyway, i had my third mammogram a week ago and i’m feeling anxious… like i always do after ive had one. I was just wondering… even though they tell us we have to wait 2-3 weeks for the results, if they find anything abnormal would we possibly get to know the results sooner? Does the radiographer know when they have screened our breasts? so basically if they suspect anything do they tell the dr asap? the reason i am asking this is because i was wondering if us ladies who have already had bc, are we on a priority list? so im guessing if there is anything wrong they’d pretty much get back to us before 2-3 weeks…am i right? well the old saying is…no news is good news…


TY for listening


Karen x

I also meant to add that i am feeling very grateful that i am still here after 3 years especially the fact i was diagnosed with a very aggressive type of breast cancer…onwards and upwards…lol…


I was only diagnosed last July, my experience of the mammogram was an immediate reaction from the radiographer, and a same day diagnosis. I had two tumours, one fleshy to the touch, the other like a small pea. As I lay on the trolley in the dark room the radiographer immediately commented that “they would have to come out”. I then sat down only minutes later to be told of my cancer.


Since then my treatment has been incredible, and, so far, successful. I went back for a mammogram last month as I found two more ‘peas’, thankfully they were cysts and were drained immediately after the mammogram. I am in the South West so there maybe differences across the country  (I’m sure there are, sadly).



I hope my recent experiences help you as, despite the NHS being chaotic in many areas, breast cancer sufferers are high up on the agenda. I must stress that is my experience, as I know others have been messed about. Wishing you good results and continued positive outcomes.


I have just had a nightmare over this. I was diagnosed last March after a routine mammogram. Like you I was told 2-3 weeks for the results so at the 3 week point I was thinking it must be ok otherwise they would have let me knnow by now. Three weeks and two days and I got the letter calling me back for another mammo and biopsies etc. I then had to wait another week for confirmation that it was cancer.

I had WLE chemo, radio and am half way through my 18 doses of herceptin. Six weeks ago yesterday I had my first year mammo. Again I was told 2-3 weeks but that I could phone after 2 weeks. I left it a little longer by which time I was in such a state that my husband had to phone. No results were ready. I convinced myself that there must be something wrong and that they wouldn’t tell me over the phone. I worried myself sick for a further week and a bit and then the BC nurse phoned to say the results were fine but I would get a letter confirming that. It arrived today over 6 weeks since I had mammo. I have also had to phone three times to get an appointment for my year check up with the surgical team. I only found out I was suppossed to have one by accident. The stress of the last 2-3 months has been horrific and I am going to ask if next year I can either have the mammo looked at on the same day or maybe save up to have it done privately as I can’t go through this unacceptable waiting again.

I really hope you get your result soon and that they are clear. I would definitely phone and say how anxious you are.

BTW ladies…thank you all very much for your recent comments…xxxxx…:slight_smile: