30 minute herceptin infusion

30 minute herceptin infusion

30 minute herceptin infusion Hi everyone,
I have been on herceptin now since September It lasts for 90 minutes but today as normal there were cock ups at teh hospital, first I have to ring the day before to let them know that Ia m coming for treatment I phoned and teh lady said she would let them know that I was coming then later in the afternoon the hospital phoned to ask if I was coming for my treatment the nurse had not passed on my meassge. I asked them if my treatment would now be ready by the time I got there they said they would let me know so 2 hours later they phoned again to say no it would not be could I come at 1.45 so we went there today had a nightmare getting the needle in the vain as I now only have 1 vain they can use then they started the drip for the herceptin and after 30 minutes the machine was bleeping to tell us that it was finished they gave me a saline drip and I said to them bloody hell that was quick it is ment to take 90 minutes not 30 the nurse said oh the machine must be playing up as I did it all right.
Does anyone know if it makes any difference and if it ok to have it go into so quick??? she was worried i would have a reaction so i had to wait a while before i could go home. I am worried now as I have my ECG on Wednesday and she said it could make a difference to the results. I am so fed up with them I know mistakes happy but every time I go there now something goes wrong and mistakes are made.
Sorry for the moan
Love Clairemm x x

Hi Claire,
I was horrified when I read your post! You need to complain about the nurse’s actions. I am a nurse ward/manager and telling you the machine is playing up because she did it right is her trying to get out of the fact that she made a big mistake.
If it was the machine, did she take it away so it couldn’t be used again and did she complete an adverse incident report? Machines are rarely to blame, it is usually the person inputting the data etc on the machine who has done it wrong.
I don’t know if it will have done you any harm but if a drug is prescribed for a certain amount of time, it is for a reason and it should be infused at the correct prescribed amount.
Speak to someone in charge about the mistakes that keep happening. They shouldn’t be happening and investigations need to be made as to why things keep going wrong so that action plans can be put in place to stop them happening again.
Good luck and take care,

HI Claire
I Thought it was the loading dose that was given over 90 mito see that you dont have a reaction
I am at Christies and had a loading dose given slowly over 90 min and stayed on the ward for 4 hrs my next 17 infusions will now be given in 30 min.
Hope this helps Take care Linda x

Hi ladies thank you for your replys I did not make a complant but when I go to see my oncologist in 2 weeks I am going to say something. Linda maybe some hospitals do it different I know at mine and the lady said at the royal marslden they only do it over 90 mins every time my first dose was given over 2 hours and I had to stay like you for a few hours to make sure I didnt have a reaction
Love Clairemm x x

30 mins Claire, I have mine over 30 mins. the first time 90 mins. I have to hang around to check i am ok for 2 hours.

Hope you are ok. Think most people have it over 30 mins so you should be ok, try not to worry but check it out with your Dr.

Take care,

Similar experience I too had a very similar experience to you. Normally mine was a 90min infusion but once it was done in 30mins. No reason given but I did complain and they retrained people and ensured my notes clearly stated 90mins. I complained as it made me feel dreadful for a couple of days. Normally after a 90min one I went back to work fine the next day but I felt really groggy and sleepy for several days - not sure why but I put it down to the 30min infusion as nothing else had changed.


I’ve been on herceptin for the last 18 months and apart from the loading dose, I have always had it infused within about 20 minutes depending on how good the vein is. I have never had any problem with it at this speed and am glad they do it in such a quick time as I hate being there longer than I need to.
Different hospitals have different protocols about the speed etc and some hospitals always give piriton and make you stay. I never had to stay apart from the first one and never had piriton with it either.
I would speak to your oncology pharmacy and see what they say the time should be for an infusion of herceptin as they are the experts in this field.
Good luck

Hi Claire

I have been on Herceptin since January 2007 (3 weekly cycles) and mine are always given over 90 minutes. My nurse and I had a conversation about this only last week and she advised that the timing if the infusion was really down to the onc. The information leaflet that comes with the Herceptin advises infusion over 90 minutes unless you receive the treatment weekly then it is over 30 minutes.

Hope this helps.


Hi ladies, thansnk you for your messages I do feel fine thank god. They did ring down to the oncologist who said in this hospital it is only done over 90 mins as that is what is recomended to them so when I go and see my oncologist I will tell her my concers about the things that keep happening if it was the first time somthing had gone wrong then I would not mind but in the last 2 months many mistakes are being made and i guess if we dont tell people then nothing will be done about it.
Thank you everyone for your messages
Love clairemm x x

Hi there

my Herceptin is done over 30 mins and then they make me sit for another 90 mins with saline going through me and to monitor me, i moan every time that i feel ok and want to leave but there bigger than me and wont let me go as there is a chance of a reaction up to one and a half hours after.

Keep on moaning its what the forum is for.