32 years old and diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hi All,

I found a hard lump in my right breast 7 weeks ago, the area was extremly tender to touch. After 3 visits to my GP and a 10 day course of antibiotics, I was finally referred to a breast clinic and was diagnosed with bc (14mm in size) on 8/12/15. I’m due to have wide local excesion along with sentinel node biopsy on Xmas eve. Plus Ive already been informed that my treatmeant plan includes 6 months of chemo and radiotherapy (which I am egar to start). Although I want to know what I’m dealing with e.g stage/grade of the cancer, I am also terrified of the potential results from the biopsy, as I have a 7 year old son. I was told by my Dr that he is not concerned about the cancer having spread. But in my mind how can he be so sure? Only the results from the sentinel node biospsy can determine this surly???..

How did those of you who had the surgery feel the next day? As my op is on Xmas eve I’m wondering if I’ll be OK enough to at least interact with my son on Xmas day.

Thank you in advance xx

Hiya,sorry you have found yourself here and you are having to go through all this over Xmas, I had lumpectomy and Sentinal node biopsy in March and felt pretty good the next day, it’s not a bad op and I felt well enough to walk out of hospital a couple of hours after coming around from surgery, you may feel a bit tender and must be careful not to use your arm on your Treated side too much but as long as you have support at home then you should be able to enjoy Christmas Day with your son and your lunch! Xx

Hi K83

Completely agree with Jobey68. I had wle and senitel node biopsy and it was fine not half as bad as i was expecting. I came round in Recovery and was as right as rain. You will be given plenty of painkillers and my anasethist put a local anasethic in my boob during the op so for days afterwards i was pain free. I found going over bumps in the road in the car a bit painful but nothing too bad for a few days. Enjoy your Christmas xxxx Really feel for you xxxxx

Hey, I’m new here too! I had a lumpectomy and nodes removed on the 4th December. My muscles felt pulled and sore but I was up and about - make sure you have some good pain killers and ibruprofen… You’ll be fine. I have my first Chemo on New Years Eve!!! Hope you get on ok and Happy Christmas. You MUST keep smiling! x

Girls i send you both hugs on your treatment journey. Only we can ever understand what it feels like. People will frustrate you as they dont know what your going theough but you will get strength like you never knew you had. Sending you both love and hugs xxxxx

Hi Ladies,

Thank you so much for your messages, it has truly helped. It sounds like I’ll be able to enjoy Xmas with my son and family after all.

Thank you and best wishes to you all. Xx

Girls us ladies will be there for each other. I’m youngish too only 43. Now on 10 years of tamoxifen and monthly Zoladex injections. But remember this i’m at The Royal Marsden and the stats for there is that 85% of primary breast cancers are cured. Treatments are getting better and better. I huged a lady in outpatients who was where you girls are now at the start of her treatment and told her you will be where i am now in 9 months time. Believe me. Sending you love and if you need any advice dont hestitate to use this forum. I found it a god send and still do!!! Xxxxx

Hi, firstly good luck with your surgery on Xmas Eve. I have just recently had the same procedure (11/12/15)and I was up and about several hours after.I also had good movement in the arm by the 2nd day- area on breast and under arm sore depending on how you move but could function quite well- just tricky showering and washing hair when trying to keep dressings intact.I’m sure you’ll have a great time on Xmas day with your son. Enjoy & Good Luck.