33, dcis, mastectomy recommended

I was diagnosed with DCIS a few weeks ago, it’s wide spread and a mix of low and high grade. A mastectomy is recommended. I’m just so overwhelmed with the information and the options! I was interested to hear other people’s stories and decisions. Did you just go for the mastectomy on the effected breast or opt for double? I’m large cheasted but slim and I’ve been told I won’t be able to get the same size via any reconstruction method. I’ve also got a young daughter and had planned to try for a second baby next year, so that’s all now on hold, and future breastfeeding is a consideration. At the same time I don’t want to have a constant reminder of what I’ve been through every time I see mismatched breast. I feel so lost. Sorry for the ramble!

Hello Sammy


i too had widespread DCIS of varying grades and initially had the one breast removed. I was also large busted and a few months after surgery decided to have second mastectomy as was struggling my to get the prosthesis to match up. I still haven’t decided in reconstruction as yet but am happy with my choice of double mastectomy as takes away worry and makes it easier to match up. Hope all goes Ok with you and if you have any questions, just drop a. It’s. I found this site very supportive xxx

Thanks for the reply Julia. I’m still to have a full discussion about different reconstruction options, first step is checking lymph nodes. It is so overwhelming at the moment. thank you for sharing. I hope your recovery goes well x

Hi sammycc


I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis - it sounds like you’ve got a lot to take in and to consider.


Some of our volunteers have been in a similar position (having young children and making a decision on reconstruction). If you’d like to speak to any of them, you can someonelikeme@breastcancercare.org.uk with you name and number and we’ll arrange this for you.


All the best

Emily from Breast Cancer Care