33, just diagnosed

Hi there I am a 33 year old mum of 4 girls aged 5,4,3 & 2. Diagnosed on the 8th April, awaiting MR scan and further biopsy this week before Dr decides what surgery I need. God i’m scared and just want to get better to see my girls grow up

Hi lolly1,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care discussion forums, you’ve come to the right place from some good support as the many informed users of this site have a wealth of information between them.

While you are waiting for replies I’ve put you the link below to BCC’s resource pack which I hope you find useful. Please use the helpline here if you need a good listening ear, the staff are here to support you. Calls to the helpline are free, 0808 800 6000 lines open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm.


Take care,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi lolly, sorry to have to welcome you to this site, but you weel find it a good place to be, we all have rants and moans, very scary moments are shared and some damned good laughs!!1

You will be feeling very scared at the moment but honest love this waiting is the worst, once you have your plan given to you, it does get easier.

There will be lots of other ladies along soon to advice you, but please don´t feel alone, your not! we are all here for you.

Take care, love and a cyber hug Teresa xxx

Hi Lolly, welcome to this site it really is good for advice and if you have any questions you need answered someone will try and help you. The worst part for me was the waiting for test results etc, you imagine the worst and dont think that you are going to cope, but believe me the women on here were invaluable to me with their advice/ suggestions. Once you get your treatment plan and know where your going it really does get easier.

Hope things go well for you,

Anne x

Hi…your post reminded me of me. I was 33 when I was diagnosed in June last year and Im a mum of 3 and 6 year old girls.

Words of advice? Where do I start? Use this forum. Friends and family, as supportive as they are can never understand like the women on this site and also theres so much knowledge on here…and lots of really useful advice!

Be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster…youll have good days and low days. Enjoy the good ones and just get through the bad ones!

Try not to think too far ahead. Just take each step at a time and youll be surprised how quickly it goes before you come out the other end. I was diagnosed in June 09…Im ten months down the line and have had a lumpectomy…chemo…a masectomy and then radiotherapy! Ive come out the other side…Im back at work, enjoying being a mum and even have hair again!

Its been a tough 10 months but you can do it !

Love and best wishes Sal xxx

Hi Lolly

Just wanted to say hi.

This forum is somewhere you will find people really understand and you will get lots of support, there are lovely ladies on here.

Things do feel a bit more settled once you have your treatment plan and you get under way. Just try to be gentle with your self and take one step at a time.

If i can help just let me know.

Lots of love Jayne xxx

Thanks all for your messages, its great to be able to talk to people who have been through or are going through the same. I think I will feel better once I have a treatment plan because at the moment I am just in limbo, have a busy week this week though with an MR scan and stereotactic biopsy and then hopefully i’ll find out what surhery and treatment is best for me xx


I just wanted to say hi, I am 33 and have two boys (3 and 5). I was diagnosed on Thursday and am waiting now for my operation date.
I can’t quite get my head around it all yet as it seems so strange to be told you have this thing when I feel fine.

Take care and lots of love

Hi bennyboo

Firstly, welcome to the forums, I hope you will find it a great source of information and support.

I’m sorry to read of your recent diagnosis, the first few days and weeks are always difficult when coming to terms with things and getting to grips with your treatment plans, etc.

As well as the support you receive from the other users you may find the BCC Resources Pack useful. It has been specifically designed for those people newly diagnosed. The pack contains information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available. To order a pack just follow this link:-

breastcancercare.org.uk/heal … tionId/82/

Also, do give the helpline a ring if you need any further support or information. They’re on 0808 800 6000. Open 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-2 Saturday

I hope this helps

Kind regards
Sam (BCC Facilitator)



Sorry you have had to join us too but you will find so much support on here.

It is hard to take it all in at the beginning especially when you feel well.

Please let me know if you need anything

Lot of love

Jayne xxx

Hi Jo and Lolly

I’m so sorry you had to join us but this site is great for support and info. I echo what the others have said that it does get easier once you have a treatment plan. Waiting for results is so scarey. We are all here for you.

Take care

Julia xx

Hi Bennyboo and lolly1,

This is just so crp for you isn’t it? You must still be shocked to your core and crying all the time. I feel really sorry for you both having to start on this rubbish hell. Why does this happen to nice normal good girls? Is so sht.

Am not much further down the road than you timewise ( was diagnosed 8th March) but emotion wise I suspect i have already moved forwards, as have most of the girls who post. There was a thread which I started mid March which said how i felt then. It will be similar to how you are now. Terrified, total shock, weight loss as no appetiite, no sleep, panic attacks. Awful. It is all so unfair and so rubbish, and if i could swear on here i would say a lot more.

Though you probably won’t accept this now, it seems to me that everyone has a watershed moment where their state of mind changes. Some people seemed more positive after their operation, but most seem to find the results after the operation as the defining moment as many questions are answered and you can plan forward. The limbo feeling is reduced.

Personally, i felt better psychologically after seeing my oncologist for the first time, after the results, as he gave me the forward plan whereas the surgeon had only been able to deal with possibilities depending on the results. I had a sentinel node biopsy and lump removed 3 weeks ago today. The physical side of the operation really wasn’t too bad at all. I recovered quickly. I have been to 2 childrens parties this weekend, and to school, the supermarket and a play centre already today. You do get back on your feet. Its a good day, there are also bad days, and no doubt i will be struck by more as the chemo starts next thursday…!

But my point is that from early march until a week or 2 ago, i didn’t know how i was ever going to get any normality back, but now i am just trying to get on with it, which was a total impossibility before.

Take care, try and eat and sleep. Smoothies, easy yoghurts, soup helped me, and nytol a few times!

Sending huge huge hugs and love out to you and your families

Hi tors
i wanted to join facebook page please whats the link?
Ive sent 2 private messages to 2 ladies last week no reply. Not sure of ot right on im trying to join… No biggie as were not always on facebook but wondered if you could do it seeing as you ate on this forum
jo x

Which FB page are you looking to join Jo? X

The younger women one please hun x

Can’t seem to post a link to it. If you sent a message to Younger Breast Network Uk you should get a reply soon. About 3 ladies have been added in the last 20 minute so maybe there is a backlog :slight_smile: really hope you get on soon, but let me know if you don’t get anywhere and I’ll ask on the page. Xx

Thank ypu for replying. Whats the name i shoukd type in or look for so its the right group?

The page is under Younger Breast Cancer Network Uk. The profile pic is blue with 3 women sat down with YBCN underneath. And you just need to send a message with age and diagnosis and then you will get a friend request from a random name and once you are friends they will add you to the secret group.

It’s like being invited to the Masons or something :slight_smile: xx

Ah yes ive found it. Ive been messaging the wrong site oops lol
Someone from admin has got intouch. Im hoping to find some extra support tbrough the early stages of all this. Im not coping well at all and thats without finding my scan results out.
jo x

Excellent, I hope you’ll be on there soon, they really are fab on there and will put your mind at ease. Can always do a shout out when you get on there and I’ll come and find you :slight_smile: xx