33yr old, mass found extreme pain and itchy..any advice?

It started with an extremely itchy breast from time to time which seemed bizarre as it was that bad of an itch. Then I started getting crazy pain in the armpit/breast/upper arm. When I examined myself found a mass or area of thickened tissue slightly above my breast over to my armpit. I’m extremely worried. The gp has referred me for an urgent mammogram but sd it still may take a week or 2 coming. Just feeling very anxious lately and also had some unexplained weight loss which I’m trying to reason away.

Hi Jacqueline, 


My experience is different, as I had no noticeble symptoms until a routine mammogram, but I know that everyone on here will be sympathising with your feelings just now and wishing you well (in every sense).


Its right to get unexplained symptoms checked out, and its natural to worry until you get answers, but there can be many different explanations. Also there can be benign conditions that are difficult to treat, and cancers that are very treatable. Also worry can itself can be a heavy burden and can make you lose weight. 


What I am saying is I acknowlege what you are going through, whatever the reason, and it can be an awfully difficult time. But keep an open mind and be prepared to not dispair (whatever the outcome).


best wishes



Thank you for your response nimbus.

I understand and appreciate your kind words. It’s just the natural thing to do to think on the worst case scenario but hopefully it’s not the case. And if it is as you say most are treatable.
It’s just nice to talk with others as it can be hard with family.

Have you experienced breast cancer at some point? Just when you mentioned about the routine mammogram. I hope you are well.




Hi and I am sorry that you find yourself on here but you are very welcome and will find you get tons of support.


It is really good that you have been to your GP and have a referral to the breast clinic.  Breast clinics do not just deal with breast cancer as there are many other benign breast conditions that they diagnose and treat.


You should been seen within 14 days of the referral to the clinic.


Between my being diagnosed and haivng my op I lost half a stone which, I have to say, I am very grateful that I have not put back on yet, but I lost no more, I put it down to the anxiety of being diagnosed and the worry of the op.


One thing try not to google your symptoms as there is so much outdated and misinformation on the internet, plus the fact that everyones symptoms are different.


Remember that we are here to help and support you in any way we can, if you want to rant, cry, laugh or just ask questions, if we can we will do so.


There is also the helpline number that you can phone and they will provide you with support and advise.  A lot of ladies on here have at one time or another called them.  Also during the week there is the “Ask the Nurses” section and they will be able to help you


Let us know how you get on.


Helena xx