3rd Chemo today.

Hi everyone,
Well thats the 3rd epi done, was dreading it a bit today as last two havent been great if theres a side effect i seem to get them . Suffering a lot with horrendous sore mouth /cracked tongue feels like its been scolded so eating and drinking burns alfull im rinsing with difflam reguarly which helps for a while .Today ive come home armed with more meds to help 3 bottles of difflam,movicol sachets for the constapation and omeprazole for the horrible acid indigestion ive been having (oh the joys) im now a bawldy too and have deciced to go with the hats with fringe attached look, i just cant seem to feel comfortable in the wigs i bought . at least ive only got one more epi to go then its Xeloda so im praying this will be a bit knider .Well enough of my ranting i hope you are all doing ok im thinking of you all
God Bless
Lots of Love
Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo,

I hope your 3rd one goes ok. I had my 3rd 10 days ago. Ive got another 3 to go. Luckily I havent suffered too much apart from constipation but I take lactulose for that which helps.

Best Wishes


Hi Lindiloo,
I am also on EPI due to have my 4th on Monday, like you I have suffered with my mouth. Just thought I would tell you about some gel satchets I get from from doctor they are called GELCLAIR, use 1 three times a day they are wonderful, put a coating on your mouth so that when you eat it does not hurt. They are quite expensive, but luckily my GP has been fine about me having them. I use them the minute my mouth starts hurting and they have done the trick for me. Hope this has helped.

I am on Epi too, I used Daktarin gel when my mouth was really sore. It works quite well and tastes nice too!

Thanks Jillian,
il definately ask my gp abouth getting some GELCLAIR thanks for the advice having such a sore mouth all the time is horrid as you know its so hard to eat and drink without burning and pain. Thanks too Allie for the tip about Daktarin ill try and ask for some of this too and hopefully one of them will give me some relief. Hope you are all doing ok.and best of luck to you all.
Lots of Love
Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo,

congrats on getting through your 3rd Epi, you’re doing really well. I too found acid indigestion a pain when I was on Epi, and even now I’m on CMF I still rely on good old Omeprazole, they’re awesome!!

So, only 1 more infusion for you which has gotta be good news?! I am on arm 2 of the trial so have 12 infusions rather than 4. Still, its the last one tomorrow so not complaining!!

I hope your side effects are minimal! Take care of yourself,


hiya Kelly ,
its great that you have your last chemo session tomorrow it must be such a fantastic feeling, well done you .I think a well deserved celebration will be in order hope you have a nice treat lined up . Good luck with the rest of your treatment i know youve still got rads and heceptin to go but youve done so well so far so im sure youll get on fine with those . Thanks for all your support and tips it realy does help ,will be thinking of you tomorrow thats another milestone over gal brilliant.
Take Care
Lots of Love
Lindiloo x

Like you I have just had number 3! I have been given the Movicol and I really hope it works i was taking sanakot three times a day last time. The Difflam had realkly helped with my mouth so hope it does for you. I have sore eye balls do you have any problem. I am going to post it a sa question.