4 fec or 6 fec

Hi i currently have had 4 fec and i was wondering if anyone stopped after 4 when they were meant to have 6.
I was stage 1 grade 3 with no lymph node or vascular involvement and have been told the chemo is preventive treatment, but i am really struggling with breathlessness and tiredness and generally just feel like i have had enough.
My mum passed away 6 weeks ago to secondary breast cancer so i am full of grief and anxiety aswell.
any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks xx

I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. This must be an awful time for you.
I had FEC x 3 followed by Docetaxol x 3. I must say that after the first Docetaxol, I ‘hit the wall’, something I had been warned to expect by a friend who’d had a different chemo regime. I think whatever regime you have, the accumulative effects are the same by the time you’ve had your 4th treatment. By the end of the 6th treatment, I had decided that even if I was told I needed another treatment, I would have refused, as 6 was enough!! At least as you are having FEC x 6, you know what’s coming - I had completely different side effects with Docetaxol, and it got worse the more I had.
Hope this has been helpful. It is exhausting, but ultimately do-able.
Take care, Leigh x

Hi Lynn

Firstly I’m really sorry to hear about your mum, my mum passed away very suddenly in Nov & I was diagnosed in Jan.

I had my 4th FEC last Wednesday & by Friday afternoon I had to ring the breast care team asking if I deo need all 6 as I am really really struggling. Unfortunately I don’t know what stage I am but knw I was grade 3 I went in for my op early Feb but due to a severe reaction in theatre thy had to stop the op so have not been staged!! I had. Scan after session 2 & was told that my tumour had completely gone but since then has only seen the registrar at the hospital & not my oncologist so I have asked for an appt with him ASAP as I just keep crying all the time & feel so down. I honestly don’t know if I can face another 2 sessions? Have you spoke to ur oncologist yet?

I would make an appt & see what they say.

Bigs hugs. Jo

Hello ladies,
Lynn I wrote a post very similar to yours last tuesday and
knoxybabes your comment was so lovely it was what I needed to hear.
I know you are having a tough time and you are all consumed with grief
From your mother passing so you are dealing with a lot.
I’m not grieving for anyone just me. Since my dx in december my life
Has been awful. I’m ill all the time I don’t get to see my children because throughout my 4 chemos only once I have been at home for the whole 3 weeks.
All other time I have been in hospital. My 1st had sick and d was in hospital for one day but took a full week to get better. 2nd just had d for 2 weeks but I managed it at home. 3rd time I was so dehrayted from diareah I collapsed at home and was in hospital with a temp anti b’s but was in for a week. Went home with my bum
On fire. 4th time the onc the day before I waited nearly 3 hours to see and he
Was in such a rush he spent 5 mins with me and wouldn’t discuss anything
Anything said we will talk after treatment. Then on chemo day male
Bald nurse was awful to me and my very thin hair again in a rush.
I asked him to be gentle and he wasn’t so I asked for a female she rushed through
It is supposed to take 1hr she did it in just over 30 mins. My latest se or something worse. Is a migraine I’ve had for a week, I headache I have to manage with morphine I’ve had a ct scan and tom having mri to check nothing more sinister.
Sorry I’m wafling what I’m trying to say is. Its your body your choice if you, like me, don’t feel you can continue this treatment and its just preventative you have the right to say stop enough is enough.
I know people say its “doable“ and maybe it is for them but for
Its definatly not. I sent an email to my onc privately said I’m not
Doing this anymore because its actually making me so ill. I know we are lucky to have this treatment butt I personally can’t take this anymore. I’ve forgotten what its
like to be well.
I hope you get an appt soon and feel better soon.
Lots of love Fran xx

Hi Ladies
Thank you for your comments oh my god Fran my side effects are minimun compared to yours sorry your having such a rough ride sending you big hugs and hope you improve soon.
Jo sorry to hear about your mum aswell know how hard it is ,my mum was diagnosed with secondary in November i got diagnosed in Decemeber sadly mum lost her battle 6 weeks ago so it was quite fast.
Thanks for your comments to Leigh hope your feeeling better.
Will phone oc tomorrrow dont really have much faith in them as me n mum had same oc same breast nurse and team of surgeons and a lot happened with my mum that makes me doubt them so it hard to look to them for guidance .x