4 months in (Tamoxifen)

Hi you lovely bunch;
Just needing some advice. I am 4 months in taking Tamoxifen (I am post menopausal) mastectomy 6 months ago for 4 lobular/ductal small tumours lymph nodes clear. I was ok in the beginning but now appear to be suffering from nausea and fatigue - I’m not usually an afternoon fatiguey person but blimey it hits me like a sledgehammer (not helpful as I am still working part time). Any advice. Mood a little low but I guess the frozen shoulder I have is not helping - not sure If it was due to the mastectomy or something else but I have exercises to do daily to ease the pain/stiffness. Anyway thanks for listening xxxxx


Have you tried taking Tamoxifen at a different time of day ?if you can time it right the tiredness may hit later in the day ? I

thanks Jill; yes have tried taking it later but had nausea in the morning - its just trying to get that balance right isn’t it! x

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Sorry you’re struggling on Tamoxifen. Have you recently changed brands? Often people find that if the pharmacist gives them something different from their usual brand it can set off some symptoms. It takes a bit of time to find out which one suits you best. I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years and things really settled down after about 6 months and I managed on it fine. Also I always took mine at bed time, figuring I’d be asleep for 8 hours of symptoms!
Good luck! x

thanks Frances - breast care nurse has just said exactly the same - give it 6 months and the side effects will ease. not long to go so I am hanging in there! xxxx

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