4 weeks post operation

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2015 brings you peace of mind and good health. I am now 4 weeks post op and I am starting to feel much better. I have one small stubborn area on the reduction side that won’t quite heal but no sign of infection thank goodness. The mastectomy and implant side is healing ok but it still pulls if I make stretching movements. I was hoping to be further along by now and able to consider driving. Even being a passenger is difficult as my breasts jiggle and rub. I think I am going to be at least 6 weeks post op before I am able to drive. I am starting to get impatient and want to be able to do more than light housework duties. I am still taking paracetomol once or twice a day more as a prevention rather than because I have pain. The best thing is I am now sleeping at least 6 hours solid a night since I rolled a single duvet and I wrap that like a nest around my back and sides with crossed pillows behind me so I can sleep semi raised as I still cannot sleep on my side. All in all I am doing ok I was so scared and emotional about my diagnosis and surgery but I have come through the other side and its onwards and upwards. X

Kentstar so glad you’re feeling better but like you I’m scared. I was much the same as you I had my mx and recon op on 24 nov, so am 2 weeks ahead of you and things were starting to really improve. Unfortunately this week my scar developed an infection,  the fluid has come right back up (look like jordan again) and I’m on strong antibiotics and back to square one with the painkillers, and back to uncomfortable sleeping  grrr! Am sure its just a blip but can’t help being a little scared, you see so many stories about complications from infections and the fluid is very worrying, I can’t help thinking the scar will bust open!. Take care xx