40th birthday

its my 40th today,bit naffed off that i feel lucky to be here and half of my family havnt even bothered sending me a card.miserable lot they are…Probably just one of them moments were i feel sorry for myself cos i have had bc…oh well .

Happy Birthday Debbi. You share it with my youngest son.

I am sure your family will have a surprise for you later on.

Enjoy your day. xxx

Happy birthday to you!

Have a great day.

happy birthday debbie, hope it gets better and i am sure it will

Happy Birthday Debbi !!!

Rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday to You” from


Happy 40th Debbie

Its my 40th in 5 weeks. I try not to dwell on my birthdays as dont like getting old.

Have a good day
love Andrea x

Happy Birthday Debbie

40 - you are a mere slip of a girl. What do you mean getting old Andrea - I will tell you what old is and it isn’t 40!!! Happy birthday to you as well in 5 weeks.


Happy Birthday Debbie.

happy birthday Debbie.x

thanks very much everyone x I dont live near my family anymore as my hubby in raf so they didnt surprise me later,my brothers and son i mean,as if i didnt get a card off my own son he is 15 and last year i let him go and live with his real dad…something i regret big time… and he really doesnt contact me at all but he has gone to the dark side now and i didnt expect him too,my ex is evil and so is his wife.everyday i kick myself for letting him go there but that is what he wanted and being the mother that i am i just let him have what he wanted and we really dont have a relationship at all now,and we did before,i really miss him.had a little cry on my own today for him,hubby doesnt know,dont want to upset him,he off to afghanistan next week.and as i still dont have any mates down here no one to talk to except u guys x thanks for the greetings x

Belated happy birthday to you!! Sorry to hear you have family problems - my own brother hasn’t even sent me a “get well” card or asked how I’m doing, so I know how you feel. However, you know we are always here for you (ok, maybe 24 hours late, but I have a good excuse!)

Sue xxx

Hi Debbie,

Can your Son not stay with you in the School holidays ? I dont know how far you are on the bc journey but I think that your ex should have told your son to stay with you, especially if your partner is away most of the time.

I think you should put your foot down and demand that you see him. Dont blame your Son we all know that teenagers are wrapped up in their own little world , without a thought for anyone else.
Hope you get it sorted out soon.

Where do you live? I live in North Durham if you fancy a coffee ( or a few drinks ).

Big hugs to you
love Andrea xx

Hi, Debbi

Belated birthday greetings, my child. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough time of it. Want me to be your surrogate mum??

As you know, you have plenty of friends on here.

Good luck to hubby in afghanistan. My sister-in-law’s niece has just come back from there.

Good luck to us all.

hi andrea and granny scouse,he did come to stay wi me when i was in cyprus,but my ex does make things really difficult,he wont bring him down or let him come on a coach or anything.I live near bury st edmunds.

granny scouse, course u can be my surrogate mum xthanks for the hubby comment x i told him he said thanks x

well, I am very very late, but a Happy Belated Birthday!

Kids. In the end, you can push, shove, cry, scream and rant (well that sorta sounds like us, doesn’t it?) but kids do what they want and as they grow up they sometimes realize how foolish they were. I guess for me it’s about letting it go and allowing them to make their mistakes. If it is any consolation, you did what you thought was the right thing at the time. No one could ask for more, sweetie.

Good luck to your husband and to you. Please thank him for us too.

I say, sit back and have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and just find something good about today!!!


Happy Birthday Debbi. So sorry you’re having a hard time of it just now.Just remember kids grow up and hopefully get sensible.Boys can be a wee bit forgetful,so don’t be too hard on your son.

Good luck to your hubby.I have a son in RAF so know how you must be feeling.Enjoy yourself as much as you can just now.


thanks tricia and emily,ur all so nice to me.I tell my hubby all the thoughts u send to him ,Its important too him too thank u xxxxxxxxxxxx