48 hours to go.

It seems like a lifetime, but only 48 hours and hopefully I will know what this lump is in my left breast. Nervous and scared is an understatement. But I will know and that is the main thing. I feel I am preparing myself for bad news but deep down if it is bad news I know I will be in a right state. All the thoughts of telling friends and my Mum, Dad and Brother are making me emotional. My Brother has two small girls and when I look at their pics I just break down. I feel lucky I don’t have children and so many of you have and you’re all amazing on how you have coped and grown so much closer. I read your stories and it is a huge encouragement that we can conquer and fight anything. Thank you for helping me get through this waiting period.
D x

You can get through this Daisy. I hope you have told at least one person - someone reliable to go with you on Tuesday? You need someone to help you remember what you are told because your mind will be all over the place. I wish you luck xxx

Hi Daisy, I totally understand your fears. Tomorrow I find out what my lumps are.
It’s very scary and my worse fear is 'how am I going to tell my children if its bad news?. Terrifys me It really does.

I would like to wish you all the very best for Tuesday. Try to keep yourself busy until then.

Take care and Good luck xx

Sara x

hi Daisy
It truly is an awful feeling at this point, I remember it all to well not long ago, do take someone with you for support either way. There is an excellent support line on here that I am sure would help you address any issues with you while you wait.
wish you all the best and keeping everything crossed for Tuesday

Hello All
Thank you for your good wishes. I have a very good friend coming with me on Tuesday and its a 930 appointment. So that is good as not of time to worry. I know I will be there a while. I am hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. I will let you know how it goes.

Sara I wish you all the very best with your results tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.
D x

Hi Daisy! Just to let you know I got the all clear today :slight_smile: so very relieved!
I will keep everything crossed for you tomorrow. Good luck hunny xxx

take care

sara xx

Good news. Today I was told I had a cyst. It has been drained and is no more.
I can’t thank the lovely ladies on here enough. Your support has been amazing. I will be on here regularly now to keep an eye on you all and to offer anyone support who is going through the waiting room.
To all of you who are undergoing treatment I will be thinking of you all and wish you the very very best. I certainly went today knowing if it was cancer it was doable, treatable and would of had the best support on here.
Sara. Congratulations on your good news. Very pleased for you. I have a feeling I will have a good nights sleep tonight. Look after yourself.
D x

Whoop!! Whoop! Brilliant news Daisy. Crack open the bubbly, or at least a glass of wine and celebrate. xxx

whoop whoop brilliant news

I got the all clear as well i have had a masectomy but they got all the DCIS

Yay!!! That’s great news daisy! So very pleased for you :slight_smile:
Have a great nights sleep !

Take care
Sara xx