48hours to go and petrified

any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated! got my snb tomorrow and mastectomy and reconstruction on friday. Its seems to have hit me like a sledgehammer this morning and the tears have started again (thought i was empty of them by now!)…think ive gone into panic mode which hasnt helped by everybody coming round (it feels like they are all saying good bye!

I just read your post and had to reply. I understand exactly how you feel, it’s a really difficult time, but you will get through it.

You need to put yourself first and do what you want to do today.

It’s a lovely day (here in London at least) - could you go out for a walk with a friend/partner/other - somebody who can be with you quietly who knows you. Go and have tea somewhere, field the phone calls - just take yourself somewhere where you can be comfortable and calm.

Deep breathing will help to calm you too.

Thinking of you

River x

Hi Deed,

I know just how you are feeling. My mx was three years ago, and as my mother had just died, I think I was in a total state of shock and so didn’t have that feeling of terror. But three weeks ago I had a delayed recon, and got more & more scared as the date approached.

However, it went fine, and now I’m wondering why I made such a fuss!

Once you have had your ops you will feel a lot better about it too (well, once you are passed the first day or two!)- the anticipation is always worse.


I had both breasts removed in June 2008 I was petrified - couldn’t eat or sleep, was so worried. But I have to say that after the op I dealt with it all very well and really surprised myself! You don’t think you will be able to cope with surgery like that, but you do! Soon you will be wondering why you were so worried. All the best.
Hayzer x

Hi Deed,

Had my single mx 3 weeks ago today. Know how you are feeling - I was surrounded by family the night before, but had a teary moment at the thought that however many people were gathered around that night, there would be only one person going down to theatre.

HOWEVER…here I am, 3 weeks later, having had virtually no pain, a very easy recovery both physically and emotionally and looking (if I say so myself), pretty damn hot in my comfie (what a dreadful name).

I spent the days leading up to the op shopping for pyjamas (surprisingly difficult to find good ones), having a haircut (so it wouldn’t get in the way in hospital), and bothering bank clerks.

good luck. I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself.

Hi Deed

I had my Mastectomy and Tram flap recon 5 weeks ago, I was extremely nervous too but I thought of all the lovely ladies on here who had got through it fine, and that did help.

Good luck, it is nerve racking but you will be fine


Hi Deed

No words of wisdom as I have still a week to go before I go for my own Op (SNB and lumpectomy), but I just wanted to wish you good luck :slight_smile:

I’m feeling jittery already and I still have a week to go so I think you are doing marvellously and its just natural to feel nervous.

Big hugs!!


It would be silly to say don’t worry because you are going to anyway. I had my mastectomy and recon Fri 19th Feb so I know exactly how you feel. What I really wanted to do was bolt - just run and run, so no one could find me. I felt like I was grieving for my poor breast about to be cut off and that I wouldn’t be ME anymore. Now a month on, well I can tell you that it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I ever imagined it to be. The imagination can be a dreadful thing sometimes.
Clothed I look just like I did before, the pain has gone now and I just have some stiffness and soreness but that is going. In myself I feel absolutely fine and you will too.
The waiting and the thinking and the imagining are the worst parts.
Good luck and just think, this time next week it will all be over.

awe thanks girls for all your words of wisdom. Had my snb done today and didnt hurt at all! Its now 10pm and going to hospital at 7am tomorrow morning. Im first on the list so will be going down for surgery at 8.30.
This site is absolutely wonderful at putting your mind to rest and taking away some of the anxiety. Hopefully next week I can post to put somebody elses mind at ease… fingers crossed for me!

loads of hugs


I think the night before is the worst because you can’t believe why you’re packing your bag and obeying orders not to eat or drink when you are going towards an event you don’t want to happen…
You can’t seem to work out who you are at that point! Someone seems to have taken over your body!!!

Of course you will be frightened, as we all were, so you’re in good company. I hope you can manage the hours before you set off tomorrow. I stayed up and when I felt there was nothing else to do I lay calmly on my bed and waited…
The waiting is awful.

I had my mx 6 weeks ago and it is so different to how you imagine. There may be other dilemmas in front of you but not yet…
Get through tonight and let yourself be cared for by the hospital staff tomorrow. Mine were truly wonderful and I’m sure yours will be too. Their kindness helps make a difficult journey more bearable.
You will be in good hands.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
Supportive hugs Welsh girl

hi thanks to all who posted. I survived the op and the nurses were wonderful. One disappointing problem was the reconstruction. My implant has displaced and is above my “breast” I need to go back to hospital on monday to see if i need more surgery to correct this. Has anybody else had this problem? Im still very stiff, although its first day home today, but sitting around was never something i found easy!!!