4am awake thinking about results day today...what happens?

Biopsy .results at 11.20 this morning for me and I woke thinking I don’t actually know what happens at this appointment. I’ve read so much on here about the recall appointment with the mammos, US and biopsies but it only crossed my mind this morning about today. Do you just go in and the consultant reads off your report or do you have another exam? I’m still too sore for any manhandling after all the biopsies last week. Fingers crossed I will be telling you it’s nothing later. Nx

Good luck for this morning. Try to keep calm, think postive thoughts, also go with an open mind. Do you have a family member or friend who is going with you, another pair of ears. Your consultant will go thorough everything with you in medical terms, which you won’t understand a word of, but your breast nurse should go thorough it with you in simple terms. You will be in good hands and everything will be done with your interest.



Thanks Peggy. I have been really calm and matter of fact about it until last night when something ridiculous as my son putting the bins out wound me up. Got up early this morning with a tight chest so cracked on with some work emails! At least it’s a morning appointment.
Nikki x

Forgot to answer…yes my husband is coming with me.

Good luck for this morning Mamadeacs. They will tell you what was found on the biopsies (if anything) and what treatment is required (if anything!) Horrible waiting for the results but by midday you will know what’s what. All the best -thtinking of you. xxxxx

Thanks Optimissy64…leaving shortly and going with the ‘what will be will be’ attitude x

So my results are that I have a very small 15mm DCIS that she wants to remove sooner rather than later so booked in for 2 weeks today 14th September followed by 3 weeks of radiotherapy. The details and variables went over my head a bit today but my BCN is phoning me tomorrow so will ask then. Will move over to the just diagnosed page for DCIS now.

Thank you, I can’t tell you how reassuring this group has made me feel already.