4wks after Bilateral MX and sling implant - what swelling and redness is normal

I am out of surgery and feeling well, back to lifting the kids and can move about I would say pain free.  (Still on meds)  Though my boobs (fake lol) are red and tight and I dont know if they are swollen or retaining fluid as I dont now what they are susposed to look like.  I dont want to go in and make an appointment with the surgeon for him to say its ok like he did when I was in 7days after the op.  Can anyone advise me on it, I will try amd attach a pic off the reddness.  Also one of my breasts looks like the air has been sucked out of it, very flat and wrinkled.  


Im sorry for sounding silly but everything is new to me.  





Hi Rachel

don’t feel silly for asking questions - we are all on a new journey with what is ‘normal’ or not. Dont know if it helps but I had a single mx with implant recon (using sling stuff) about 11 days ago - no redness but solid and odd feeling although the skin is numb over all my boob other than the very edges. I had drains and main dressing removed after one week and nurse said she was very happy with how it was healing so far. Very little pain - about three lots of paracetamol a day. I would suggest if you are worried about anything then phone your BCN or one of the helplines - best to be on the safe side and they are used to people feeling anxious about stuff. Hope all is well xx