4years today: LaraC

Hi All,

I just wanted to post a little memory note here in the name of my beautiful wife, Sharron, who passed away Sep 13 2007 aged 34 of secondary breast cancer.

Its been 4 year today, and I have found the strength to lead an almost normal life. I am doing emotionally well and at the age of 35 in a few days, I feel I am lucky to see a positive future.

I attribute my strength from the unconditional love that my Sharron showed me in the 7 years that we were together. I learnt so much from her attitude, her strength, her appreciation of life, her soft heart, her fire, her wicked humour, her smile that lit up my world, and of course her love for me. I really feel so grateful that I met her and that she influenced my life in so many profound ways.

Today I did a search on her posts, and I somehow relive what seems like a distant memory, even though its so saddening to read. I guess that I just wanted to feel close to her somehow tday. She was an active member of these forums and found an immense strength from all of you, and from the unfortunate others who may have since passed.

I want to personally wish all of you the absolute best of luck, and a wave of strength and support, because I know, I really do know, the ups and downs of life with this disease.

To any husbands or boyfriends of women with this disease, all I can say is it’s worth it. Hang in there. Support your woman. Shower her with love, support and put up with her steroid rage :slight_smile: 4 years down the line today and my love for Sharron is more than ever.

Life goes on as they say, and I promise you guys, that you will always treasure your memories, and girls that your husbands and loved ones will always love you no matter what happens in the end.

Thanks also to Breast Cancer care, for proving Sharron, and all the women today with an amazing beacon of support.

All my Love to you Sharron, where ever you may now be. Love you baby.

Your Tazzy

Hi Tazzy
I have just read the beautiful words you have shared with us - I am sure your Sharron wherever she is must be so very proud of you, she sounds like she was a really great girl, thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories.
Esbee x

Hi Tazzy

Your words are very moving, thank you for sharing your feelings with us. My very best wishes for the future.


your words made me cry, beautifully written. Sharron would be very proud of you.


What beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.

Thinking of you on this day… and sure Sharron would be be so proud of you.

What a lovley post, especially from a man (no offence intended there at all but hope you know what I mean!). Your wife would have been so very proud.

I hope you keep strong and many thanks for all your good wishes - it is appreciated all the more when it comes from someone who has been there.


Wonderful! THANKYOU.

Sadie Xx Xx

So beautifully written, thinking of you at this time and good wishes for the future, Sharron would be so proud of you. Keep strong

Marina xx

That is just lovely, obviously inspired by someone beautiful through and through
Look after yourself.

Hello Taz, I remember Sharron, Lara very well. I often re-read older threads here to remember friends and just last week I re-read some posts which Lara had contributed to.
Sharron will always live in your heart. Take Care. Belinda…x

I too remember Lara/Sharron and her funny, feisty posts. Very glad to hear that your life is now feeling positive, Taz, thugh it’s obvious you still love and miss Sharron very much and always will.

My best wishes to you for the future, she sounds like she was a very special lady.


Thank you granny22, KathyF, belinda, Lavender Lassie, bertie, SadieL, lizcat, RevCat. deed, Midge and Esbee for each of your replies. Sending you each and all my warmest regards and well wishes for you and your loved ones.

Thank you,


Taz your post brought tears to my eyes… sharron was lucky to have such a supportive and loving partner who loved her with all his heart… you obviously meant so much to each other and im sure your love and support was so comforting to sharron.

she sounds like she was a wonderful woman and im she is inspired where ever she is by your beautiful words.

much love
Lulu xxx

wow brought tears to my eyes and a big smile to my face and the same time.

What a beautiful post! You obviously had a special love, and a wonderful relationship.

Good luck with the rest of your life and how brilliant to take the time to remember your special lady here today.


Well, what can I add? You had such a lovely relationship. I wish you the very best for a hopeful and wonderful future, Taz. You’re a young man and life’s for the living, never forget that. Never forget the past but look forward to the future.

Maureen xx

I cried reading your words. Sharron was as lucky to have you as you were to have her. All the best and thank you for sharing.
Diana x

Tears here too; but thank you for posting x

I too remember Lara. Thank you for posting.Best wishes Eileen xx