5 days after WLE and SNB

Well 5 days in, and a huge sigh of relief. Been to have my dressing removed today. Nurse laughed as I turned up with a flannel and a bar of soap to wash my armpit in case she had to redress it as I was paranoid of smelling!!! Anyway no new dressings needed. Stiches are disolveable so no more appointments until results day (knees shaking). But I have to say I am pleased with how my boob looks (despite a shade of yellow and blue) the surgeon was able to cut around the edge of my nipple and he has done a fine job.
Here’s to more good news on the 20th (fingers and toes crossed)

Sam x

Hi Sam
Thanks for posting, thats great news, wishing you a speedy recovery. I had my SNB in Feb and the worst part was not being able to use deodorant for a few weeks. did you get the exercises flyer? It will really help regain your strength and movement.
I’vjust heard today I’ll be having a Wle rather than a Mx so great to hear from others who have been through it.
Best wishes
Karen xx

Hi Karen,
My arm was really good almost immediately. I think it helpe dthat I am right handed (op left side) so I was using it as normally bur carefully and have had no problems. It is still sore but not too bad. The WLE was fine, I actually had more pain from the SNB than the WLE. Although the boob does change from day to day, swelling, firmness, etc Variety is good I guess. DDay on Thursday for my results- and terrified. Hoping to be able topost only need rads and Tamoxifen but who knows!

Sam x

HHi good luck for Thursday…
also you can use pitrock deodorant from health shops. It won’t affect your wound. Make sure you follow the instructions As its vital to ap ply to wet skin only!

Hi Sam fingers crossed you had the news you wanted on Thursday I also hated the smelly armpit thing after WLe & SNB but used a natural deodorant from Holland & Barrett all through rads which did the job! It’s called Salt of the Earth. Good luck with the next phase of treatment. X

Unfortunately girls I didn’t get the results I wanted. Clear margins weren’t achieved (0 mm in one area), another satellite area removed as well as original tumour(grade 2),vascular invasion and micrometastases in sentinel node. On a positive note er and pr+ with 8/8 scores and her2-. In shock really. Bone and cat scan next Friday followed by another op in July. I feel like I have gone back 4-5 weeks.

Climbing that mountain again but I will reach the top and wave my bra!!!
Sam xx

Hi Sam I am new on here and I too have to have reexcision after WLE. Just read all the above posts. Hope things are picking up for you and all goes well with your treatments. Hope you have better news very soon xx

Hi bowl of cherries,
Second op was a lot easier than the first. 9days on, dressings all off and inscision looks good. Get my results on 25th, have been feeling fine about it all as I have been away since last friday but starting to get a bit itchy about results now. When is your next op? Have you seen the news about the iknife? Looks like future suffers will have less chance of multiple ops.
Take care
Sam x

Sam Sorry for the late reply. I posted on this thread before I knew how the site worked. I was new on here and never book marked it, and have just found it now. I had my 2nd WLE on Tuesday and like you, much easier time because no nodes cut or fluid build up etc. I asked my consultant about next steps if margins not clear and he said possibility of MX. Yes I did see the news about iknife, not just good news for BC patients either, will help other cancer patients too. I am guessing from your profile that your 2nd op was a sucess and you have started chemo? Kathy x

Hi Kathy,
Second op was a success in terms of clera margins. However, three weeks after (last week) I went in as it was all hard. they drew of a load of fluid but consultant suspected a haematoma. Then this week I got an infection. Today I have been reoperated on to drain my boob and remove haematoma. So chemo delyed at the mo.

How are you doing? xx

Hi Sam, sorry to hear of your haematoma, sounds like agony. Are you on antibiotics too? I didn’t think haematoma could develop so long (3 weeks) after surgery. ;-( . Yet another set back for you! Did you have a local or general anaesthetic to remove it? Its a relief you have clear margins though. This bl**dy BC treatment ! My boob is a little bruised and hard but not as badly as the first WLE, but it was full of blue dye then. Finally got a call back from my BCN (Message left on my mob) . No results until Wednesday next week, she reassured me that she has put me on the oncologist waiting list, so that’s a relief. Still no results from tissue samples they sent off (5 weeks ago)to Royal Marsden to see what benefit chemo will give me either. Big hugs Kathy xx

Hi Kathy,
I had a general and it is flaming sore today. I am also on 7 days of antibiotics(500mg). Hope this sorts it all out as I am getting really fed up. Wound has really weeped today, rang hospital and they said put another dressing over the top. I had healed so well after 1st wle, I am gutted I have had to have two more ops.
My referral has gone to onc but apparently he has been on holiday so there is a bit of a back log. He won’t start treatment until I am totally healed anyway so it’s looking like a Sept start for me on chemo.
Been really down today. Bless my OH, I just cried and cried this morning. Fatally I have had an afternoon nap so will have to take sleeping tablets to get to sleep tonight.
Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more like me. X

Hi Sam sorry to hear you got so down yesterday. It’s so hard trying to put a brave face on things, when all the while we are emotional fragile waiting for results, being DX , one op, stay positive, another op stay positive , then for you, a bl**dy infection! I am sure too that the summer holiday months are having an inpact too on the waiting lists for consultants and BCNs at the hospital. I was looking through the Amazing Augusts posts and noticed you had given an update re your haematoma op on there. I was thinking at one time of joining the Maisies, but then realistically, by the time I get my biopsy results and " if " the margins are clear, I will then need an ONC appointment, its looking more like September start for me . Hope you feeling a lot better today xx

I ended up back at the hospital again yesterday as wound had been weeping so bad. So what started as a more positive day ended up being stressful yet again. Back up there again to see the breast care team, luckily they gave me an appointment I ointment fir today in case I had a drain in. Looks like I should have done. Xx

Hi Samjs,
I have been following your journey, and am refreshed how positive you remain with the discomfort of at his blasted breast cancer. I have had a WLE end SNB on 12th July, results showed no clear margin but lymph nodes are clear,( every cloud ehhh?) I am HER+. I am waiting for an appointment for mastectomy and have decided to have an immediate reconstruction DIEP.
However, I’m to wait until the first week of September, as the surgeon is on his holiday too. This scares me as I will then have, what with the recovery, a longer wait for chemo and herceptin.
I hope you get on ok today, keep your chin up x

Hi Sara,
Its all the wiating that is a pain. This last op means my chemo is delayed which is a pain. Was back up to the clinic yetserday to have it dressed again and to let consultant see it. He wasn’t overly concerned about the leakage. Was sent home with more dressings. Currently sitting topless hoping the air will dry it!! Feeling a bit brighter today after a rubbish weekend.
Did they not offer you another WLE?

Sam xx

Hi Sam Amanda here chilli pink .been following your post.sorry to hear about your infections.well my 2nd wle that 2mm satellite ended up being a 12mm lobular cancer and a mass of dcis so got to have mastectomy.going today to go through options.I’m rubbish at making decisions.the dcis is across my chest so got to have MRI scan this week to see if it’s across to the other boob.my suspicions were confirmed ther was somethin lurking in there.ductal and lobular cancer and dcis ,I didn’t know you could have 2different cancers in one breast.how great is it not wearing a bra you feel relief don’t you.I not worn one since my first wle which was on 30th may.I hate being in the c club.here’s hoping we can leave it soon.I know how you feel these set backs are soul destroying and it’s a waiting game.and we just want our treatment to be started and over and get back to normality again.fingers crossed you’ll be healing well .at least you’ve still got your breast and you will heal and you got clear margins so that’s positive.fingers crossed for us both and bras swinging Amanda x

Hi Amanda,
Sorry to hear your diagnosis. I am sure you were as shocked as when your were first told you had BC. I hope you get on ok today. let me know how it goes.
I had two types too. IDC grade 2 and high grade DCIS. This was found on my MRI scan. I am onc waiting list and yesterday concultant said as long as this is healed (seeing him again next week) chemo can start. I have been told to wear a sport bra 24/7 for a week to compress the breast but I think that is making my boob leak so having a couple of hours withour before I nee dto go doctors. Feel I have a season ticket to the docs and hospital now. Don’t usually go doctors more than once every few years unless i get tonsillitus!!
Take care xx

Hi Sam, Sara and Amanda (Chillipepper), looks like we are all back in the waiting room. Sara I understand where your coming from with a wait for MX , then another wait for chemo. from posts on this site, it sounds like normal procedure at the hospital, but doesn’t stop us worrying! I woke this morning at 4am with feelings of anxiety. I always get like this when results or appointments are due. BCN said expect results of 2nd WLE Tuesday (today) or more likely tomorrow. Amanda, I really feel for you that must have been such a shock. I had 2 types IDC 18 mm and some DCIS, it is the DCIS they are trying to get clear margins on. Just praying that there are no satelite areas. Getting waves of anxiety just sitting here thinking about it. On the bra front I have been wearing mine 24/7 (Not the same one !)since the WLE because I feel going braless is uncomfortable, pulls on my scar tissue during the day. I also wear it at night because I read on here somewhere that it compresses the swelling. It’s been 7 days since 2nd WLE and boob is slightly swollen but not red or sore. (fingers crossed, Sam ) I also looked at Macmillan Cancer care site yesterday re FEC ( Not sure what if any Chemo I am having yet, no ONC appt yet ) and that worried me , especially tests to see if heart is fit enough for chemo, and some of the SEs. Sorry if I am not in an up beat mood today. Seriously don’t want to bring you guys down. Think we all have days like this. :frowning: . Keep in touch and let me know how things are going . Kathy xx