5 years after very large tumour and lymph node involvement

It’s very rare I post or visit the forum these days but I thought it might be helpful to some to hear that I’ve reached my 5 years and been discharged from hospital today.


My initial lump was 8cm x 6cm and I had 9 out of 17 nodes involved.  Not great!  I had the works - chemo, surgery, rads and now hormone therapy.  I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever reach my 5 years and not sure my doctors were either but here I am. 

I survived a severe reaction to chemo and then blood clots and neutropenic sepsis and endured months of seromas, my wound reopening etc.  I’ve gone through menopause because of treatment but can’t tolerate AIs so I’m continuing on tamoxifen.


So no matter how hard it is, I’d say to anyone going through treatment please stick with it.  It is worth it!!  I can honestly say that I’m never ever blase about cancer but at the same time I don’t give it much thought anymore. 


Take care and good wishes to everyone going through treatment and those who have finished treatment too.  Elinda xxx


Hi Elinda,
Congratulations on reaching 5 years and thank you for telling us about it. I too had a large lump and lymph node involvement when I was diagnosed just over a year ago. I searched this site for inspiration from other ladies who had been in a similar situation, and I remember seeing your name on threads about diet. I just wanted to say hi and let you know how much you had helped me without knowing it.
Here’s to the next 5 years! Jxx

HI Elinda,

I remember you so well, I was diagnosed 4.5 years ago now. I am so delighted you are doing so well - many congratulations. I hope someone has given you a prize for sheer determination in the face of lots of curve balls!

I am fine, irritated by my lymphodema that came up at 2 years but others really fine.

All the best

Nicola / Moorcow

Hi all


Lovely to read this thread.  I’m at the 5 year point also.  Large tumour, node involvement and “the works”.  Have an appt for annual mammogram soon so am fervently hoping all will continue to be well.


Although I didn’t look at stuff on forums until I was some way down the line, I too gained strength in the early days from hearing about people who had made it out the other side of diagnosis, surgery and treatment and were enjoying their lives years for many years afterwards. 


Thank you for sharing. 

hello to everyone on here!


Sorry it’s taken me an age to respond to the lovely comments on here but I lost my password!  It’s great to see some familiar names and others that haven’t posted much.


It is encouraging to hear that so many are doing well.  I would agree that I’m not the same person as I used to be.  I was a very confident person before I was diagnosed and lost that during treatment.  But, on the plus side, I think I enjoy life much more than I used to and particularly the simple things.  I sometimes see people that seemingly have everything and yet are miserable or bemoaning such little things and I think to myself that going through the breast cancer diagnosis and treatment has made appreciate so much more.


We’re all different and getting confidence back can take a lot of time.  When I think back to how I was a year down the line to how I am now there’s such a difference.  But for me it’s been a very gradual process with setbacks along the way.  I do push myself but in a gentle way!


I wish all of you lots of good things for the future.  keep well everyone!  Elinda xxx