5 years ago today... :)

I had my primary diagnosis exactly five years ago, multiple bone mets dx 3 weeks later, and multiple liver mets dx two years ago.

Great family day yesterday, country park and miniature railway with two of our children + spouses and our four grandchildren, the youngest now 2 months old, who at one time I thought I might not live to see… Even my capecitabine feet behaved well for the occasion!

Our stories are all very different, but I hope this gives hope and encouragement to some.

Here’s to the next five years Mrs Blue.

I second that lemongrove keep on keeping on Mrs Blue :slight_smile:

Mekala x

Thanks for sharing that Mrs Blue.
You’re a star!

K x

Well done warm and best wishes.


Thanks mrsblue - so glad to hear it. finty x

Thanks for sharing that Mrs Blue, it’s always such a “lift” to hear positive stories, I’m just over a year from bone met dx, so your story is encouraging. Look forward to your 10 year post!
Julie xx

thanks for that mrs blue and I raise my glass to you for the next 5. so good to hear nice stories. Much love Val

so great to hear stories like this keep it up xxx

Hi Mrsblue
How lovely to hear you are doing so well - long may it continue.
Nicky x

Great news Mrs Blue, thanks for sharing and may there be many more posts like this from you and others in the years to come.

Lesley xx

Hi Mrs blue,

Thanks for your good news.

I have just been told last week that I will be starting capecitabine. To read something like this gives me confidence and hope that it can work for me, too.

Thanks for sharing.


Hello Mrs Blue,
I have just been diagnosed with two secondaries on my Liver. It has come as quite a shock, as I was told I was in remission just last January.
I have been prescribed Capecitabine and have looked up all the main side effects that can appear after taking this drug. So I am now absolutely terrified! But from your comment that your ‘feet’ behaved - I wonder if you are also taking this same drug. If so, can I ask you how you manage from day to day, and what steps you take to try and have as normal a life as possible? I do hope you will be able to give me some advise for the future.
The Oncology people are marvellous at what they can do, but I have learned from experience the best advise comes from people who have actually had this nasty disease.
Regards - Claire