5 Years and HER 2

Hi I don’t visit the forum much now but remember when I was first dx I looked for posts from people with a similar dx for hope and inspiration. I thought I would post my news for anyone who is now, like I was 5 years ago. I was dx with her 2 bc and had chemo, rads and a year of herceptin. I am coming towards the end of 5 years of letrozole which has not been without side effects but I am determined to see it through. My 5 years since dx has now passed and my mammogram is Ned:) I am so relieved, excited, amazed and everything in between I did not think 5 years ago I would be writing this message. I have lost a close friend along the way and realise that not everyone is as lucky to see the magic 5 years. I wish everyone the easiest ride possible on their personal journey and hope this post helps somebody as I know it would have helped me. Take care xx

Thank you.  I have my first oncology meeting on tuesday and this is Exactly what I needed to read. 

Congratulations! NED is Brilliant! 

Im so excited for you. 


(And jumping up and down)



Congratulations lala - I am 3 weeks from my 5 years and it feels unbelievable and lucky, very very lucky.

Thank you for this. i am having a major wobble 2 years from finishing chemo, i had 1 year of herceptin after aggressive bc with vascular invasion. i need lots of positive stories.x