5 Years - can't quite believe it.

Hi all

Had the results of my 5 year mammo today and all clear. Although I am so happy, I got myself in such a state the past three weeks waiting for these results that I don’t think I quite believe it.

I can remember so vividly crying that I wouldn’t be around by Christmas 2006 and yet its as though all the treatment happened to someone else and looking back I think its strange that I did it at all (although we have to, I know).

So to all the newbies, take heart and I hope this gives some comfort that life can go on for many of us, albeit differently, and I wish the very best to all of you.

Love, Laine

Congratulations, that’s wonderful news.

Even a year after dx it feels unreal… still slowly passing first anniversaries of treatment things and fortunate enough to be NED so far.

Hope you have some celebrations planned!

Hi Deva, many congrats to you! Hopefully I will be joining you around late November - I currently have everything crossed!

Congratulations! I have got to about 4 and a half years now so hopefully I will be joining you next April!


Thats great news Devagirl, so pleased for you :o))))))

I am at the beginning of my journey and love reading posts like yours it really does inspire us that we can overcome whatever is chucked at us x


Many congrats!!!

I am just starting on this strange journey of mine. Your posts give me hope when I am down and I feel if other people have gone back to a normal life at some point then so can I. M

I was diagnosed on Thursday, so reading posts like this really really help thank you.
Told I will have an op in 3 weeks that seems like forever!!! Scared of the thought of the op but want it today!! I want to get rid of this evil thing inside me :frowning:

Hi to all and many thanks for your posts.

In some ways its a tho it happened yesterday and at others as tho it happened to someone else a long time ago.

I do remember the terror, the pacts with God of what I would do if I was ok, the tears everytime I thought of my daughter who would be left alone. I remember after the op thinking that every little twinge, stiffness etc was it coming back and feeling sick every time I had to pass the hospital. I do put it in a box when I can but every year when the tests come I turn into a miserable, drivelling wreck and drive everyone at work mad when they try to plan ahead for anything (cos obvs I won’t be here so don’t involve me).

So especially to Sunflower,Applestreet and Clare, its normal to be so scared but it will get better (I found once I had a treatment plan I was calmer) and this site has saved my sanity on many occasions believe me. Well, together with going back to work, Pinot Grigio and Heat magazine.

Again thank you and lots of love to you all.


Like applestreet and clare37 Im at the start of my journey just had my WLE and ANC on friday (30th) so all the success stories have been a great help.

I had 3 1/2 weeks to wait for my op Sunflower16 and all I can say is that it will get here I found I just had to keep myself busy so did a mini spring clean, made sure all the washing and ironing was up to date filled the food cupboard and freezer and now following my op I can relax knowing that we have everything we need for hubby to look after me.

Bless him he isn’t a cook but done me fish, mash and peas with a lemon and dill sauce for dinner today and it was lovely.

So well done to all you survivors and I look forward to joining your ranks further down the line and best wishes to all those on the journey to join the ranks with me.

Jean xx

Hi Laine I have my 5 year mammo on 10th October-at the moment I cant believe it will be ok.I am sure you know what I mean-I too look back at Christmas 2006-I was having chemo and honestly beieved 2007 would be my last New Year.I am trying hard to be thankful for the good things in the last 5 years but the October bc fest brings it all back again and again.
Many Congratulations Laine-stay well xxx

I finished chemo and rads about 2 months ago and it is great to see people posting 5 years down the line with clear mammo’s so thanks everybody.
Margaret x x x

I’m waiting to get the appointment sent for my 5 year mammo, but tomorrow is 5 years since I was diagnosed. I find I don’t get so het up in October now, despite the fact it’s BC month and so in your face.

Hey cherub my 5 years since dx will be Thursday so we are very close-are you doing ok?

Hello Horace and Cherub

I shall be 5 years on December 15 and am also finding it difficult. The date is engraved on my memory and I wonder if I shall ever forget it. ( I remember both of you from 5 years ago )

Best wishes to both of you

Anthi xx

Hi Devagirl

Congratulations on reaching the 5 year milestone!

I had my 5 year mammo this week and mine was also clear although I was actually dx in May 2006 so coming up to ‘dare I say it’ five and a half years!!

Horace, Cherub and Anthi - although I didn’t post much in the early days of my dx I remember seeing lots of your posts. Anthi - I think you used to post a lot with Eileen if my memory serves me correct?

In the early dark days of dx I can remember being desperate to see posts with good news stories even though I was realistic enough to know there was no guarantee I would be ok as although we have breast cancer our pathology is individual to us.

Here’s to the next 5 years and beyond hopefully!! Love xxxx