5 Years of Tamoxifen what next?

I’m new here and have been on Tamoxifen for almost five years. I don’t know if my onc will put me on anything else and honestly I’m so looking forward to being done. I heard a couple of other meds mentioned here, can anyone tell me what the benefits are. Also I have NEVER had a bone density test. Do you usually have this done if you are on Tamoxifen?

You shouldn’t need a bone density test with Tamoxifen, it actually helps the bone density. That test is done if you’re put on one of the drugs that can cause bone thinning.
Tamoxifen is often used in the run up to menopause then you’re switched to aromatase inhibitors after menopause. Depends how long overall your onc thinks you need the protection.

HI there, some people seem to watch their womb lining - in case of thickening …well when I say watch I’m actually not at all sure what I mean in terms of proceedure but its a regular topic on here! I am only 8 months into my tamox…guess its another questions to ask the Onc,
bw Nicola