5 years on Arimidex

Just had my 5 year check up and can stop Arimidex. Cannot believe that I will soon get a full night’s sleep again. Am wondering how long it takes for the effect to wear off and how much better I may feel.

That’s great news Olivia. Let us know how long the side effects of the meds take todisappear.

Just as a matter of interest, olivia, would you mind telling us what time of day you usually took your tablet and whether you had any differences in your sleeping patterns depending on what time you took it?

Is it rather scary coming off Arimidex? Only just approaching 2 yrs on it ( in July) xxx J

I took it at night and woke up sweating (not as bad as Tamoxifen) 3 times every night for 5 years. Didn’t often get hot in the daytime. Do feel a bit scary coming off it and hope the side effects stop soon.