5 years on & referred back to breast unit, eek!!

Hi, I was diagnosed back in October 2012 with ILC Stage 2 (borderline 3 the surgeon said). I’ve had 4 ops (breast not removed), Chemo, Rads, was on Anastrozole for 18 months (then on nothing for 18 months), then put on Exemestane since last August. Many issues have occurred along the way, including Asthma & lung calcification & heart issues including high BP, all as a result of the Chemo/Rads, IBS from Chemo, nerve damage in feet & hands, Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, DDD in lower spine/hip, Osteoarthritis!! Mobility is the worst issue for me now, I can cope to a point with the pain, but now Ive noticed issues with my bad boob.

I saw my GP yesterday for my referral to Neurology (checking symptoms of Fibro which are similar to MS, what!!!) & mentioned that I was discharged from breast unit in February & wondered who I have to speak to if I have any worries& she said to ask her. 

Next thing she checking me and says she’s not sure and I have to go to the breast unit next week on Wed!! I’m sure it will be fine, hoping it’s just pain & tenderness from scarring. I know some forums say there’s no pain before b/c diagnosis, but surely everyone’s different? I had spread into the lymph  nodes on that side.

Cheers, Michele ??


Hi Seashell

What a difficult time you’ve had. First of all I want to send you a virtual hug.

Unfortunately I also suffer with a lot of those things too, so my heart goes out to you.

I do get aches and pains in my bad boob and recently went to the gp to check it out. She immediately referred me to the BC unit, so I was panicking! But after examination and ultrasound, it was just scar tissue. I think GPS will do this, just to be on the safe side. It’s good that it’s being checked right? But nevertheless, the anxiety is awful. Having been through this many times ( test results) , I managed to park that worry in my brain and come back to it later!

Best of luck for next week and let us know how you get on.

Sue xx