5 Years out & counting

I’ve been looking thro’ these forums and there are so many negative posts. I just wanted to say ‘you’ll get there’.
It’s such a scary time when you’re first dx, waiting for results, etc etc. It’s difficult saying ‘I did this or that’, but I did. I came through all the treatment. Surgery, chemo and rads. I’m out the other side.
Treatment is not easy (it’s dreadful) but you do start to look at the future, plan holidays etc and that’s great. I’m 5 years out and have completely changed my outlook on life. Life is good.
You’ll be OK.

Good evening ladies

Let me echo this, dx Sept 07 with triple negative stage three lump, later to be discovered BRCA gene fault after chemo, bilateral mx and radio, alive and kicking well.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and meet everything head on…you can do it

Thinking of you all xx