5yrs, 10yrs plus since diagnosis!

Just interested to know how many people come on the site and are more than 5 or even 10 years since DX of this horrid disease.
I was diagnosed in Oct 2005, everyone I know thinks I am ‘fine’ now and its all gone away, which obviously I hope is true, however I feel guilty I live everyday thinking its still there lurking and will re-occur, then feel guilty I feel that way.
Its definately taken a lot of my confidence away although last year I went on nice holidays and have to say enjoyed life.

Be interested to have a few replies to this post.


Hi Liverbird,

I was diagnosed in April 2002 (see my profile for details!) so am coming up to 8 years.

I never allow myself to relax and become complacent - and like you, I think it is still lurking and may recur at any time - this BC is so unpredictable.

I agree with you about the confidence being knocked and I too have now taken even more fabulous holidays since I was diagnosed - my husband and I have re - evaluted our lives since my diagnosis and now live for the day rather than worry about how much we can put in our pension funds x

Hi R,
I am only 3.3 years from op and I feel guilty if I dont think about it!It feels as though I am tempting fate somehow and if I dont keep it in my mind it will somehow sneak up and bite me.
The worst part is being thrown into terror at symptoms that you know are probably fine but…
I mean how many times can I take the same cough to my GP to be told very gently,‘Your chest infection has exacerbated your asthma especially as there is some lung damage from radiotherapy.’
Long may your NED last,
Love Vx

Hi Liverbird

I am 2.3 years post dx. I do often forget to watch for symptoms and then all of a sudden I realise that I must keep an eye on that sore throat as it’s been going on for a week. Luckily when I’ve been to the Drs with something I would consider minor before dx, they have been very understanding.

I come on this site from time to time to add my tuppenyworth if appropriate to all those new to the site. Also to check out those with comments and experiences about reconstructions and Tamoxifen.

take care everyone

sorry for double posting!

Hi Liverbird

I am nearly at the 6 years mark - diagnosed April 2004 stage2/grade 3, and so far doing fine. There are many on this site who have survived a long time.

I still have the odd wobbly moment but mostly don’t dwell too much on cancer.

best wishes


I was first diagnosed back in 1985 (almost 25 years ago). I went for 20 years with no problems, I had a recurrence in 2005 and another one last August.

I use to be very complacent but not anymore, I do think it will most probably pay me another visit, that’s if it has gone which I have my doubts about.

I keep being told how well I have done surviving so long but I think that is really out of our hands.

Best wishes


I was first diagnosed in June 1994 and managed 15 years clear. I had lumpectomy followed by radiatio and didn’t have any suspicious activity on the affected side for all the years.

Oct last year I noticed the breast tissue felt different and then came the lump. Have had mastectomy, reconstruction and am now going through chemo since you can’t have rads on the same site.

I have to say that I never lived my life expecting recurrence, but made sure that I had regular checkups and mammograms (annually).

I will do the same checkups going forward - but am also contemplating mastectomy and reconstruction on the other side just to be safer.

Just wanted to say how good it is to hear from ladies 15, 25 years down the line.
Gives us hope! x

I’m just over 3 years since diagnosis. I’m trying not to be paranoid about a recurrence. I try not to think about it too much and try to enjoy getting on with life and doing the things I enjoy.

At the same time I understand very well that it can come back at any time and I try to be vigilant about any unusual symptoms.

I get rather irritated by people who - meaning well - assure me in loud hearty tones that ‘it won’t come back’ and keep on about ‘the all clear’. I’ve given up trying to explain that there’s no such thing !!
Best wishes everyone
Anthi x

How spooky is that, I had my 6 year check up tonight!

I had WLE,G3,chemo more surgery and rads so I did the whole thing. I still stress about appointments and any aches & pain but more and more I feel like the old me (just a lot bigger!)

There is hope, and progress is being made all the time

Take care


I’m 3 years and 3 months post diagnosis. I find I’m able to get on with things now as I keep busy with work and study amongst other things. I do voluntary work for a homeless charity one afternoon a week. They sent me on a Food Hygiene course last November and I’m about to assist with a new 12 week cookery course for young guys who are moving into flats. It starts next Friday and is a collaboration between us and the local YMCA in a church hall 5 minutes walk from my house. I am really looking forward to it as I’m working on my own food website at the moment, so I have a lot to bring to the table so to speak. I’ve always wanted to teach something or pass on a skill and I don’t have any kids to do this with, so I’m sure this will give me pleasure; I’m also constantly working on my confidence and the chef we have on board is recovering from a stroke so I’m sure we’ll help each other.

I find having diversions helps immensely - if I’m thinking about work and cookery I’m not thinking about BC.

Exactly - I had so much going on in my life when first diagnosed that I didn’t have time to think about my poor prognosis. I,too am 6yrs down the line and was told by the breast care clinic just before Christmas that they don’t want to see me again. I also got a kiss and a big hug from my oncologist!!..but it doesn’t stop me being vigilant for seccondary symptoms.
Josie x

I am glad I came on here as had my six year check up last week and was discharged from the clinic - no more tablets and onto national screening programme which means 3 yearly mammograms. At first I was delighted - Consultant said very small risk now but to be vigilant etc. but I now am beginning to panic. Not sure how I feel about 3 yearly mammos, has anyone else been put back on the national breast screening programme? I had lobular cancer and one node involved. I want to forget it all and move on but think I will always have my fingers crossed and be touching wood!

Having said all that, I am well and life is good and I am very thankful for the Breast Screening Programme which found my cancer, when I had no symptoms at all.

Best wishes


I,m 3 1/2 years from dx, had stage 1 grade 1, tubular cancer, which according to everyone and all things i,ve read has little chance of coming back, had a bi-lateral mastectomy, i don,t take my health or life for granted, i don,t get streesed about work or worry about the little things, but still paranoid about my health, does it ever go away, i just hope so

Hi Pisces,
My friend insisted on yearly mammograms til she was past 10yrs since DX, I am sure you could talk to the hospital or BC nurse and ask their advice.
Personally I have not got a lot of confidence in mammograms as my cancer was not visible on mine yet it was quite a large tumour.
I am so pleased you have reached 6yrs and are still well and enjoying life.
I was told after 3 years since DX I would have yearly check ups but i wanted 6monthly ones til 5years, we should be able to say what we want not just be expected to ‘fit in to the hospital system’

Hope you can sort this out.

Hi Liverbird am 17yrs since dx,unfortunately got secondarys aug last year,much to mine and everybody elses shock.Finished chemo in dec ,ans am on herceptin and hormones ,just hope this keeps it all away for a while ,xxx

Hi Liverbird,
I was 6yrs post dx on Jan 30th this year. Dx Jan 04, WLE, grade3, chemo, rads and Tamoxifen.
I was discharged from breast clinic last May…although my bcn said you are never completely discharged…any problems/concerns you ring them direct and they will see you.
My bcn said I would have my last yearly mammogram this year…but after not getting apt I rang and was told that I am now on 2yrly mammograms so won’t get one until next Jan unless any problems before…was apprehensive about this…as although we all hate having them done I felt a little abandoned at not having one…though in saying that my tumour didn’t show up on mammogram, ultrasound and core biopsy confirmed it.

Since dx I have suffered with depression and anxiety and have been on medication for this ever since…with the medication I am able to lead a normal [ish lol] life.

I lost my aunt to BC last year…19yrs after her original dx…so I guess I’m more than a little aware of how this disease can come bk at anytime.

Well done and how inspiting to hear from ladies 15, 20+ yrs down the line.