6 New Genes for under 40's?

Hi Girls,

Saw my onocologist today for results of surgery and discussion etc for future. She is keeping me on exemastane for 5 years after tamoxifen which sounds good to me. Anyway I had WLE 4 years ago and mastectomy 3 weeks ago and she said that she is quite happy to recommend prophalatic mastectomy for other breast since even though she doesn’t think I have BRAC1 or 2 gene (no one in my family has ovarian or breat cancer) she is certain that ladies under 40 who have breast cancer have faulty genes. She suspects that in the next 5 years 6 more genes will be discovered that are linked to breast cancer in younger women.

She told me that at my hospital all tumours and samples are kept for ever in a warehouse off site and when new genes/drugs are discovered they can be recalled for further testing.

Just wondered if anyone else had been given info like this?

Also told me that my DCIS this summer is hormone negative and completely unrelated to hormone grade 2 lump from 4 years ago. Best way to desribe it is that I had a ‘mouldy breast’ from day one!!! Well it’s gone now!

Take care

Sarah x x x