6 tyes of BC

from yesterday’s independent.

If you are both E+ and HER+ -what group are you considered to be in?


I read this article and meant to keep it to take to next onc appt, but being away i left it in the hotel so thanks for link.
I couldnt quite understand the 3 groups who all seemed to be ER+ yet two have a good prognosis and one doesnt.
Or am i being thick here???
Ofcourse hubby says I am in the good prognosis group which i hope to God I am but he will now think i should never fear re-occurence.


yes, I wish when they wrote these articles they would give a link to the research-I suppose I could search for it myself but frankly… I am wondering though how the 3 oestrogen groups differ from one another!

Thanks for the link. I am ER- but HER2+ does this mean I have a worse prognosis?
Lisa x

I’ve just read the link. What sloppy journalism - giving us some information but not enough, and no obvious way of finding out. It’s important to note that the research was done before the use of Herceptin became standard. Herceptin is supposed to give HER2+ patients a similar prognosis to HER2-

Has BCC got anything to say to enlighten us on this article, I was going to ring but it would be easier to have some input here.


Lisa -there are other factors which are taken into consideration when looking as possible prognosis. You could be both ER & Her+ which would put you in 2 different groups -I don’t know which one would take precendent -as I say other factors are taken into account. We`are constantly reminded we are individuals, not statistics, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the “groupngs”.

Not very good at searching for things on the web but just typed in ER+ Breast cancer and came this site which is very informative.www.breastcancer.org/treatment/hormonal/what_is_it/hormone_role.jsp. Gives you all the various receptors.
I will be reading also.

Hope it helps


Lisa, I was ER+ at diagnosis, PR not done at my hospital. I went privately last year to get tested for HER, and it was negative. My Onc said my prognosis is better than being ER- and HER+, but other Oncs may disagree. Not that the HER status matters much in my case, as the Onc said even if I was HER+ he would not prescribe Herceptin as I was too long out of chemo (FEC).What does surprise is that on the American bc.org site, many women get Herceptin after having finished chemo 2-3 yrs before. My cynical Onc said that American women can get anything they want, as they have to pay for it. Well, I thought all my NHI contributions not to mention tax, over some 25 yrs, and still paying tax on savings, paid for my NHS treatment! Obviously I am a charity case. At least I get Arimidex.