6 years on and strange tingling sensations in legs, feet, back....

Hi all, I haven’t come on here for a while but found it really helpful when I’ve had fears about the odd aches and pains. I am currently experiencing a lot of fizzing and tingling in my left thigh, leg and ankle which can sometimes go to my upper left part of back too… as if someone has set off an alka seltzer under my skin! I am a bit worried about this as all my blood tests came back fine but recently I’ve read that tumours pressing on the spinal column can cause this too. Overall it just feels as if my skin is crawling a little bit. I have no pain or discomfort in my back at all. If this is a tumour in my back, would I feel pain with it too? and pain in the legs. As I say there is no pain at all but it hasnt’ cleared up after a month and i’m starting to get a little worried although trying to keep things in perspective too. I know with radiation you can get long term nerve damage also too with lymphodema but I am wondering if that would start so late on, i.e. 6 years down the line. If anyone has experienced the crazy fizzing tingles then please let me know what your outcome was. I am now discharged from the hospital so perhaps I would  need a referral back to my cancer team? Many thanks for reading this and hope you are having a good day xxxxx 

Hi Carrie


I get tingling and burning in my legs BUT this started before BC.

Apparently it is  a fairly common variation of the twitchy legs syndrome that can come with menopause i.e. when we have no oestrogen.

I have found that a cool shower over my legs before bed and plenty of moisturiser helps a lot.

So probably it’'s nothing to do with tumours on the spine BUT you are perfectly right to ask questions and tell your clinic what is happening. The job of the medics is a) to put our minds at rest and b) investigate any new symptoms, and that is what your clinic can do for you.


all the best


Dear grumpy thanks so much for writing a reply. I decided to get an X-ray and now feeling worried re results and getting bad news re bone mets. So hoping it’s not but hate the waiting game as much as anyone. Fingers crossed all ok. Thanks again Carrie x

Hi all just to let you know, I had an x ray and it was all clear. The tingling adn buring sensations are all hormone related. I think!! xx