7 years on

Yesterday was 7 years since my mastectomy.  So I have been officially clear of cancer for 7 years.  I had a 2.7cm lump, grade 3,3/16 nodes,  ER+/PR+/HER2++, 8 cycles of chemo (FEC-T), 4 weeks rads, a year of herceptin, in all 22 months of continuous treatment, and then a recon in 2010.  So a long haul but all worth it in the end.  My youngest was just turning 12 as I was diagnosed, now she is at medical school training to be a doctor (though she emphatically does not want to be an oncologist!)


So to all of you out there who are at the beginning of your journey - there is hope, lots of it.  I read the stats, scared myself sh*****s, planned my funeral, thought I wouldn’t see my kids grow up, all the things we do at the start, but here I am enjoying life.  Hang on in there, and life gets better. 

Lovely to hear and thanks so much for taking the time to tell us your news, it was just what I needed to read today! xxx


Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m at that scary stage when treatment has finished (apart from Tamoxifen) and feeling down about the future, so it’s good to read your post xxx

Hi remember you from way back. I was 7 years clear december 2013. 4cm lump 4 nodes vascular invasion and yet here I am. Nice to hear from you xxxxx

really lovely to read all this even though i am not a new to this…i am three and a half yrs down the line,but its lovely to read still :heart:x

I hardly ever come on here now, but I remember you Roadrunner as we were diagnosed at a similar time.  My 7 year anniversary has now passed, my op was on 21st April 2007 and the date now has happier memories as my first grandchild was born on 21st April last year! I had a very aggressive grade 3 cancer, HER2 positive, ER/PR positive and had a WLE, FEC, 6 weeks rads, a year of Herceptin.  Initially on Arimidex then changed to Exemestane which has fewer side effects for me.  Expected to finish this at 5 years, then told it would be 7.  Now have been told as my cancer was so aggressive best to stay on it for 10 years!

I retired early and have enjoyed a great deal of long haul and short haul travel. I have seen both my daughters married in recent years and have 2 gorgeous grandchildren born last year. 

I know that when I was first diagnosed I was encouraged to hear about those who had got through the treatment and were enjoying life after cancer, so I hope my post will be of some help to others now!

All the best of luck. xx


Thank you so much for taking the time to share such wonderful stories. Reading them gives me a huge boost as not finished treatment yet and have two v young kids so very worried x

7 years Roadrunner!!! Fantastic news
x x x