8 Months Forward

Went to see my Consultant yesterday and, 8 months on, after having mastectomy and reconstructive surgery last May (it was a BOGOFF as I called it, buy one get one free - i.e. free tummy tuck) - had the surgeon laughing anyway!  After a few setbacks I was finally given the okay to begin swimming again so after 8 months of no swimming I was ecstatic as I was used to swimming 2.5km on a daily basis.  So not only can I go back to the keep fit classes, Zumba classes etc I can swim again - yippee.


Yes there have been a couple of setbacks along the way - mainly the way the tummy cut took its own sweet time healing properly and often ‘erupting’ - drove the nurses bonkers!!


To all those who are at the beginning or part way through your treatments - keep smiling and find something fun to do each day - doesn’t have to cost a penny either.  The support of friends and family is of course extremely important but I found I wanted to keep them all happy and laughing in the face of the cancer.  Along with my sister-in-law we have both ‘kicked it into touch’.


Good luck to all who are currently in treatment or recovering.

I to thought on the same lines as free tummy tuck. I had my surgery the 28th aug so just done six months. I hope to start swimming again this month but not in your league just a gentle half an hour four or five time a week. I did feel in dark place after Xmas but though wood am feeling better each day.