8 years later

Hi really scared , call it gut feeling but had no symptoms , just wanted to see if I could get a mammogram as not due till next year and was feeling uneasy out of the programme. Examined and told all fine but would do a mammo anyway to put mind at rest . Called back in for magnification and told calcification seen. Back on that roller coaster of emotions , had US and dr said all looked fine but would biopsy anyway. Calcification is in same place as last time. I had WLE on 4mm cancer, 3 weeks radiotherapy and 5 years tamoxifen. Why does it come back, very scared , biopsy results tomorrow. Was in the middle of planning my wedding next year and now I am falling apart …

I am so sorry to read of your problem.  I do hope all is well.  I am just off to hospital now for a second biopsy as the first one only showed normal breast tissue.  Thinking of you for tomorrow and I am sending a virtual hug.  Hopefully then you can get on with planning your wedding.


Dana x

Hi got phone call day before due to go back for results from bc secretary to say all was ok and they had an MDT meeting and I was discharged. She also said if bc consultant needed to see me she would let me know the next day but would cancel my already arranged appointment . So she rang me next day to say I had been discharged back to GP , now today I have recieved a appoontmeny letter for next week to see the bc consultant. I am worried and confused as to why or is this routine or a cross over ?

Btw was very relieved and happy when I got phone call but find myself worrying again :frowning: