81, looking glam and singing karaoke

Morning ladies! My 81 year old mummy arrived from overseas yesterday so I’ve been busy with her. She has been clear from Colon cancer for 10 years and has been telling me to tell you ladies(I told her how wondergul you all are) that even 10 years ago treatment was easier and she didn’t suffer major side effects and it was managaeble! It just sets you back a bit! She was diagnosed not long after dad had passed away.

My mum is a very strong, determined lady (I’m not as) and is funny and loves karaoke even though she’s usually out of tune but she said you need to get a karaoke machine lol!

She also made sure I stocked up on steradent for her dentures! Cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, foundation, powder, hand cream, cotton pads! So I thought I was being the good daughter got them all but to my dismay she asked ‘Where’s my eye cream?’ Not that good a daughter!!!

Anyway, the object of this is that because of her strong, positive, nature at 70 she sailed through a 6 hour op, chemo, injections, tablets and she still is the wonderful, beautiful, funny mum whom unfortunately I only see once a year for about 2 months and everytime I think she may look a lot older, she never fails to pleasantly surprise me with her wrinkle free beautiful made up smiley face after a 15 hour journey!

She told me that making sure she looked good when going out made a lot of difference to her mind whether or not anyone noticed and helped her feel much more confident which then helped towards her fast recovery.

I’ve just signed up to 'Look Good, Feel Good session at Maggie’s Centre as I want to look as good as my mum at 81!!!

So ladies, when you are up to it why not see if they have one of these courses near you.xxx

Hi ck!

Your mum sounds amazing!  How long does she stay with you? 

Those Maggie 's centres sound awesome. We don’t have any here in Cornwall but we do have tbe Cove which is a Macmillan specialist centre



Your mum sounds like a great lady. I will definitely be signing up to a look good feel better session. I want to learn how to draw my eyebrows!


Enjoy your time with your mum.


Rhona xx

An inspiration to us all and what need to hear! There is life after at cancer diagnosis .
Enjoy your time with your wonderful Mum. Xx



Your mum sounds amazing and truely an inspiration to us all.  Say your hello from us all, where does she live?


My mum is similar, in fact she has flown over yesterday to spend a week with my brother so I will be seeing her later today.  She is 84, still drives, is very active despite having had a very bad fall a few years ago after which she found out she had osteoporosis and is on beta blockers for a heart problem.  She is very stylish, and honestly really puts me to shame, if her hair isnt perfect then she does not go out.  You are so right each time you see them they do seem to be a lot older. Mum swears by nivea and does not use anything else on her face.


Enjoy your lovely time with your mum, and remeber you are determined you just dont know it


Helena xxx

Your Mum sounds amazing CT such an inspiration.

Ck have a fab time with your lovely mom x where did she travel from for that long? Xxx


Awww CK, your mum sounds fab!!! Loving her extensive beauty regime. Do draw the line at karaoke machines though. Ha ?

Hi ladies
Mum lives in Hong Kong and here for 7 weeks! Will dread it when she goes back, it’s bad enough when I didn’t have BC but she has her tests to get back to which is important too.
So be sure when she leaves you will prepare yourself for an extremely annoying moaning CK!
But at least she will be here for 2 cycles of my chemo. Just hope I’m not too bad on it and can spend some quality time with her;)

Hi Sue
Even if you are at a hospital without , you can still attend the Maggie’s Centre at the other hospital if it’s near enough for you.
It is so relaxing and tranquil and have drop in counselling sessions every day too. Xx

Yes AnnieJ, looking forward to the Look Good Feel Good session and how lovely to get to take products away.xx

A lady on my ward on my last op told me about the sessions she said she got some fabulous stuff xx

Yes, you go home with about £200 worth of goodies! There is a queue though so maybe try to book one in.x

Thank you. I’m just hoping I will be up for going as I will have had 2nd chemo by then.x

Been casino with mum tonight! What a girl!!!?

CK your mum sounds amazing, I’m really pleased for you that she is here for your first two chemos. 


Anyone wanting to do a look good feel better course, I would suggest ringing and put your name on the list as well as getting dates, there is a waiting list at my hospital, so though I’ve already started chemo, I have to do the one in two months time. My eyebrows and lashes will probably be gone by then, I would have liked to know how to draw them on beforehand ideally!




What a wonderful Lady, your Mum…I still miss mine.

Enjoy the rest of her stay …hope you’re doing ok with the chemo etc xxxxx

Xena at the wig shop I went to I brought some real hair stick on eyebrows they were £50 but when you stick. Them on they stay on for a week but can be reapplied and they last about 3 months of continuous wear x

Ck your mom sounds such a character x so glad she can be with you xx

Hi Feather
My chemo starts next Monday. I am seeing the nurse tomo. Thank you for your thoughts.xxx

Yes, I’m glad too although I hope I’m ok with it so she won’t worry about me when she leaves.

I’ve seen these magnetic eyelashes keep popping up. Wonder if they are any good?xx