9th day after first Chemo and feeling better

I wasn’t sure where to post this so started a new thread.
I had my first dose of chemo last Wednesday. Day 3 to 7 were pretty horrible with nausea,constipation and heartburn. I also slept an awful lot . I began to feel better yesterday and even better today.
So I presume that is the side effects over until next chemo.
I am not complaining, I expected it to be worse but I am just wondering if it gets worse as you get further through the treatments.

Hi Taurus

I’ve just finished all of my chemo and i found that i generally followed a particular pattern with the fatigue, heartburn, sickness etc… i found that days 1 to 10 were the worst but things started to pick up for me around a week after chemo. Sometimes it feels as if the tiredness is getting worse but thank the lord it only lasts a week or so at most, same with the sickness, i threw up for chemos 1, 4, 5 and 6, seemed to get off lightly with 2 and 3. But i managed to do some work after chemo no 5 so it’s not as if it completely knocks you for six. good luck with it, the worst of it is just it all dragging on, athough that said, on some days it feels like its going fast. You will get through it… i had terrible blues around chemo no 4, just couldn’t face anymore of it but i posted on here regularly and i got lots of support back and it got me through… so don’t be too disheartened by any of the symptoms,or if you get an attack of the blues, it seems to pass off and you’re onto a good day before you know it. Just keep focused, keep ticking them off and pat yourself on the back for being a hero!! I think anyone that puts themselves up for drugs that are going to make them feel rubbish for a while are very brave people indeed . Wishing you lots of luck to the end of chemo and beyond. Carrie x

HI Taurus

I due to have my second chemo on Wednesday. I had a bad headache for the first week along with feeling sick. heartburn and constipation as you but cant’ cope with the head, but overall the side effects werent as bad as I thought they were going to be. Hopefully my second round will be as good as the first if I can say that.

Hopefully on this second bout it will give me an idea of the pattern of when I will start to feel good as I am hoping to go back to work on 31st March just before my 3rd bout of chemo.

Good luck


Hi Taurus,

There’s a little group of us at the same sort of stage as you on the thread “Can’t sleep after first FEC”, if you want to join us comparing notes I started feeling human round about day 8 or so too.

Carrie, thank you for your post - it’s really encouraged me.


Those are the common side effects of chemotherapy. But dont be confused with those symptoms. Have proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

I found FEC quite predictable in that you knew which days to expect certain side effects, how long they would last etc. However, Taxotere was totally different as it wasn’t until the third dose that I got a handle on things.

Hi Girls,

Thank you all for your posts it really helps.
I feel more prepared for the next one now.
I am lucky that I don’t have to work as such, I am employed by my husband and more or less suit myself.
I mostly look after my elderly mother-in-law who is extremely well at the moment but due her second knee replacement very soon.
She wants to put it off and look after me now but I just keep telling her I am not ill, this is just a condition that we have to deal with at the moment.
I had a great day today, I was down at her house putting up curtain rails and rehanging her curtains for her, there’s no way I could have done that 2 days ago.
I really didn’t expect to feel so well so soon.

Yes Cryst it would be nice to join in and compare notes.
and thank you too Carrie very encouraging.